Pillows at the resorts


I know this sounds crazy but does anyone else have a problem sleeping on the room pillows? I get a headache from them and have to pack my own.:blush:


I like my own pillow too…

Creampie German


I usually pack one for my son, I never know if his allergies are going to be aggravated by the pillows in the room.


I always ask for extra pillows - it seems to help.


I try to pack my pillow if possible but when we fly there isn’t always room. I have found that I’m usually so tired at WDW that I genreally don’t notice after the first night.


Nope, head it’s pillow, head goes to sleep.
Easily recognized as mouth goes opens and snoring commences :laugh:


I try to remember my own pillow, but I’m usually so tired when I’m at WDW that when I lay down, I’m out!!


The different level resorts have different pillows. I really didn’t like what I had at POFQ last month, while at Boardwalk, I really didn’t need a second pillow to sleep. I sleep bad enough as it is, I don’t think the pillow is much of an additional factor.


I have a hard time with the pillows also. I often need 2 at the resort, but only use one at home. I also find that we do not have enough pillows and need to ask for more.


I’m not sure about value or moderate resorts, but I think the pillows in the deluxe and DVC resorts vary in firmness. There should be more than one type on each bed, so if one doesn’t feel comfy, try another.


Resort pillows are never washed and are a breading ground for disease pathogens left by the mouth, eyes, ears and hair of the many previous users.

The resort pillows should be removed from the bed and stored. Use your own pillow or go without.


OH MAN . . . now I’ll have to bring my OWN pillow . . . Ewwwwwww! :blow:


I agree that I find the pillows too soft or too thin, so I usually have to go with 2 pillows also.

I don’t want to think about the germs…the amount of dirt and filth on the bedspreads is bad enough!:blow:

Prezcatz Paul


Gulp. Same here.:blow:


I always have trouble sleeping at WDW…I don’t know if its the pillows or the bed. This time I brought a pillow from home and did a bit better in the sleep department…not sure if it was that or the 100 degree temps that had me wiped out…:laugh:


EEWWW!!! Thanks for that.:blow:


Same here, but I always forget to pack my pillow… I like very very firm and large pillows - I usually call the front desk and ask for additional pillows, I need two to three pillows if they are really flat.


Im not a fan of any hotels pillows so I try to pack my own. If I can’t I have actually made trips to go buy a pillow I know will work for me. WHen I was at WDW I asked for a lot of extra pillows and doubled them up, that seemed to work a little. I still had a sore neck/back from sleeping. Whether it was from the pillows who knows.


I’m a one pillow kind of guy… stacking too many gives me a headache. My problem tends to lean more towards the beds, which really bother my back.

Some nights i wake up feeling like i slept on a slab of concrete. :frown:


ITs so funny that you mention this- i actully like them… I like taking several smaller pillows and adjusting them rather than one pillow that works. Ed on the other hand hates their pillows.