Pilot announcements


Does anyone know if a pilot for Southwest will announce a birthday?
We travel on my DD 18th.


Probably not the pilot, but the cabin crew will most likely. Awful lot goes on in the cockpit and its either really busy or about to get busy on most flights.

I would suggest that you say something to the gate agent and they can pass it on to the crew. That’s what I do with my Wish kids flying down to see The Mouse.


Yes, I’ve been on SW flights where they bored the heck out of us by announcing everything under the sun: first time flyers, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Just to warn you, once they start, everyone will chime in. But they will do it for you on SW. They’re very accomodating.


As longas someone is gonna start trouble - it might as well be me.


I don’t know, but that would be awfully cute. My dd was so excited to hear her name on the radio.


Go for it, Boss Mouse! :happy:


Ain’t that the truth :tongue: :tongue:


It will be nice to have the answers to someof these questions so I can share.
<190 days to go…


Spoken like a true scofflaw!
BTW, hard loss last night. :pinch:


I was there. Very painful