Pin Albums! Help!


:huh: Stupid Me! When I was in Disney in October 2005 - I forgot to get a pin album. I have checked on E-Bay and the prices are ridiculous. Any ideas? I have collected pins for our last 4 trips and I want to put them in an album instead of leaving them on the lanyard. PLEASE HELP!!!


Hmmm…what about the Disney Catalog or maybe Disney auctions???


What I do is the corkboard instead of albums and pin backs. That way I can hang it and admire my pins on the wall instead of them being shut away. It turns out nice and DCers on here even make backrounds on them.


You can also call WDW Merchandising directly (or WDW Merchandise…forget which it’s called). Sorry, I don’t have the number handy, but you could probably find it on or, or in the WDW guidebooks (Unofficial Guide or the Birnbaum Guide).

I can tell you that the WDW Merchandising lines are staffed only Monday thru Friday during the daytime. But, you can order any item you may have seen while at the parks. You pay the same price that the items are in the WDW shops. It helps the cast member to identify the item(s) if you can advise him/her which store you found the item(s) in.

Another tip is to first view the site. They sell WDW items from their site. If you find WDW items you want, don’t order from LP (prices also are too high). But, you can perhaps locate the item(s) you want, and obtain the name/description to help you better explain it to the operator at WDW Merchandising.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!


Thanks so much for your help! I called WDW merchandise and they are out of the albums - so I guess I’ll wait until they get them in or make a trip back to WDW.


I have my pins on large bullentin board in my bedroom, that way I can see them all they time. They make me happy!


I think the pin albums are pricey, plus you can’t see them without taking out the albums.

I worked out a way to frame mine and hang them on my office wall.


Wow I love the corkboard idea. I’m going to have to do that, even though I don’t have many pins.


I don’t have many pins, only 48. It looks great hanging on your wall and I still love that I can admire them all. And they’re only about 20$ so it’s great!


We also bought a corkboard for my son’s pins. It’s a cheap way to show off his pin collection.


My DD went with the pin book. She has all her complete sets in it and takes it to and from the world to hold the pins she has no intention of trading. I make her follow pin rules…you display em if you want to trade em…nontraders go in the book. I like the cork board idea however and should see if she would like to do something like that for the ones she isn’t going to trades ever like the complete sets she has accumulated. Thanks for the idea.


I can tell you the corkboard idea is great for anyone. I first started with just a pin bag but it got annoying because I couldn’t have them seen and the big ones didn’t work with them. So I heard from other people about the boards tried it and it worked great. I now use the bag like Dana said to just put my pins in for trading.


I can take a picture too of mine if anyone is curious.