Pin book


We are brand new to pin trading. Just bought a bunch of pins off of ebay for our August trip, so this will be our first experience with trading. Since I know NOTHING about pin trading, is there a book that I can buy that tells me the values and info about the pins? Thanks!!


There are really no values to the pins, some are limited edition and sought after more. There is a webite and a book as well. It is a way to interact with cms and others that have a love for pins. I only let my kids trade with cms becaae there are some traders that will take advantage of kids or will not trade with them cause they are looking for a specific pin. We love trading! :happy: hope u have fun.


Pins are our way to pass the time on lines We see Cm and other guests and see their pins. Our kids and myself try yo get certain characters myself a Toy Story nut as an example.
VALUE I am sure there are some in the pins but no many are in it for that just seem to like the series and try to collect them all.
There are websites out there to help you disney has a link as well
The cost of pins in the parks is incredible and if not careful before you know it you could be up to a hundred bucks for about 7-8 pins. The outlet malls have reduced pins but still go for 2.50-3.00 a pin

EBAY if you can find them sellers sell them for about a buck a pin. We judt bought a for our next trip.

The new vinylmation characters are being hyped as the next big thing and some think they may replace the Pins but everyone I spoke to from Disney say Pins are here to stay.

Have fun with them


Pin trading is fun. Always trade with CM also look to see if they have a pin hidden on there landard. Manager will also sometime have pins that are only given to them they can’t be bought in the parks.


My oldest gets into that. I can’t do it. I am too scared that I will have the pin of my dreams and someone will want it.


My dh and I love trading just for fun. It’s a great excuse to talk to cm’s and people in line. But I know exactly what you mean about someone wanting one of your pins. A couple of years ago, a cm gave my dh a hidden pin from his lanyard and later that day we had a lady freak out when she saw it and we wouldn’t trade it. She was offering 10 pins for this one! We had no idea it was anything special, but my dh didn’t want to trade it because he liked it. This woman literally chased out of a shop in AK and cm’s had to intervene! She was screaming profanities! I’m glad it didn’t happen to a kid, it would have ruined pin trading for them. Some people just get a bit carried away…


They so do get carried away, I’ve also seen people tell kids that they would trade with them cause they have nothing they want so they totally ignore them and be rude. Our rule is cms only unless there’s other kids or visitors who will kindly trade


Same with us! Some people take adventage over little kids without them knowing! NOT FAIR!!! :ohmy: so we stick to cms most of the time, because there are some people who do want to fairly trade!


There is a book yes - they sell it at WDW - Tomart’s Disneyana Guide to Pin Collecting!! Don’t forget to check out the official site for Disney Pins and trading nights!! I believe you can find this book at Amazon too!


i thought 20-60$