Pin code expirations?


I’m reconsidering our vacation dates because i got a pin code for the months of Oct & Nov which are much cooler and less busy than the Free Dining time that we’re going now. The big reason we chose our current dates was because my best friend and her family are going and we’ve always wanted to do some Disney together! I’m so torn!

The pin is “Adults pay kid prices” for vacation packages including resort, park passes, and DDP. I just looked at the email closer today and it says book by 5/23/09 which of course has passed (can’t believe I didn’t read closer before!). Does Disney stick to these dates or are they soft? I’m curious to at least see what the $$ difference is since I can’t quote it online because you have to choose at least 1 adult traveling.


I haven’t tried to book a discount after the book by date but I have read that they are very strict. I have read the CM doesn’t have the option the book the code after the date because that option is deleted on their computer.


I thought that might be the case. Oh well! Guess my decision has been made for me!


I ditto what DT said.


I would call Mouseketrips and have them try a quote with that offer. When we booked our PIn code we were told that they are sometimes lenient on the expiration date!!


Thanks! I’ll try that! :happy:


good luck I hope that works for you!!! It sounds like a great deal