Pin Code Free Dining 2010


Okay, I’m thinking someone must have posted about this but I did the search and didn’t see it. Has anyone got a Pin Code offer for free dining dates in 2010? These would be broader than the public free dining offer.


Free dining is available to everyone thru 09-11…check the wbsite for dates…


There is a public announcement for free dining, but I received an email PIN code a few days ago that has expanded dates (over what is offered to the public, for example May 1st thru June 2nd). Wondering if anyone else got this.


Just a little bump for the evening readers. Puzzled if no one else got this PIN code offer as recently when they send them they send out quite a few.

FYI, the dates offered (expanded over the public dates at - Disney Discount Source - Disney World Discounts, Disneyland Discounts, Disney Cruise Discounts) are 2/27/11-3/10/11, 5/1/11-6/2/11, and 8/19/11-9/29/11.


I got a pin just now for a room discount!!! But free dining when we are going works out better for our family


I just got a pin code for room discounts, too. Maybe they sent free dining and room discount pins at the same time.


I also got this!