Pin Code - Is there ANYTHING I can do? HELP!


First, let me say I get the pin codes but we have never had one for a trip we were planning. WELL, today I got one in my email…and it was for a week I am going - 35% off hotel. I was pumped. I called and they pulled up my reservation and yes my trip was not in a black out date. The nice lady then asked me for the pin. I gave it to her and she said there may be a problem. I thought black out date, but NO!!!. The pin had someone else’s name on it. I booked a trip for a friend that was suppose to be going with us but she would never comitt and we had to cancel her reservation. Everything was done by me on the booking (would have been her first trip)…my credit card, I booked it, I cancelled it, and I was made like the party host or something.

IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN GET THIS PIN. The lady said no, but geez this would help a ton. I was wanting to go Deluxe on this trip and I would have if I got the pin.


I would call back and continue to talk to someone until you can use it. They should give it to you if they can see the res was made with all your payment info.


talking to Dana on FB now…she is giving me some great advice


Same exact thing happened to me. I booked my bosses trip, but also had my e-mail address attached to it to confirm everything was correct. Got an e-mail with a PIN to my e-mail but his name. They allowed me to use the PIN. I would call back and try again. If you get the same answer ask for a Supervisor.


The PIN codes that are going out now have to be verified by Name, Address and number. They won’t budge on it. That being said, you are able to book up to three rooms or apply that PIN to three reservations that are booked together if that makes sense. You can call as often as you want, they won’t budge. I have had it happen twice with PINS in the last week.


Is there something special you have to do to get a pin? I never seem to get any, is there a reason why?


You know, I use to get PINs all the time, but now haven’t in years. I’m thinking because I joined Disney Vacation Club, so they removed me from the list. All I can think of is that I"m registered on practically every Disney web site. There have been several inquiries about the same thing. Maybe call Disney directly and ask them how to get yourself on the PIN list? I’ve also heard some people go to make their reservations and ask if a PIN is assigned to them, and it is with them never receiving any info that they were.


Lately I’ve been getting PIN codes every few weeks. (I plan and save a lot of pretend vacations on the Disney website? I don’t know why.)


It always amazes me when I get a PIN code and it’s in one my childs name (ages 11 & 12). Anyone else ever have this happen?


Umm, this may be a little shady, but change your reservation to your friends name. Then you get to use the pin. Your Key to the World wouldn’t have your name on it, but if you are saving 35% who care!


If he doesn’t have a photo ID at check in with his friend’s name on it, they will revert the package to full price. Not a good idea! You cannot check in without a photo ID for the lead guest.


Oh, I guess that’s true. I hadn’t thought about the ID at check in :ohmy:. It would be nice to be able use the pin since he did the work for the other person.


Maybe it is the DVC? Even though we own DVC we still stay at different Disney hotels, you would think I would have gotten one at least once. I do feel better that I’m not the only one this has happened to.


You are able to book up to three rooms on a PIN offer. He just needs to simply have the person apply the PIN and group the reservations together…not all that complicated and will get him the discount. So, he can use it. Just has to go WITH that person and have them book the rooms.


This. We have made 5 trips to Disney since 2007. Now we’re not huge spenders but we always stay on property, etc, and I have never gotten a PIN before.


…not sure that is a key one way or the other…we have been well over ten times on property, and I have received two pin offers this year—neither of which I could use…


Put me in the camp of someone who has never received a PIN either. About 2 years ago I did receive a postcard for a PIN at my house but it was addressed to a friend of mine who I went to WDW with about 5 years earlier. She had not booked any of that trip at all and had just been listed as one of the guests in the room I booked but they somehow linked her name to my address and sent the PIN to her. So bizarre.


SUPPOSEDLY - the way to get lucky with PINS is to save trips online and never book them. not sure if this happens or not, but this is the consistent feedback that I get from people who get pins.


Like I said, I do this all the time, and lately I really have been inundated with pin codes!

They’ve also gotten really aggressive with the emails regarding these pretend trips, too… lots of “Hey… look at these pictures of this amazing resort you’re considering!” emails.


Now that I do a lot, unintentionallly though…