Pin code offer


So for the first time in 11 trips to WDW I got a pincard postcard…yup, the year I didn’t intend to go…

40% off a WDW vacation room only… yes, there is a package option too for this pin code. I have to book by March 31st 2009. I just called to price it out for 9/2 - 9/9…POFQ, park hoppers, Qucik service DDP…only $1791.77…on line this deal is $402 more…holy smokes! I WANT TO BOOK THIS SO BAD!


Congrats on finally getting a pin postcard after all these years. I hope you can make this work. You can always book it now and see what happens between now and then.


I have a “curtesy hold” on the reservation…I just don’t know how I will do it…it’s going to be tight, really tight. I hate to let this go…maybe if I shave a day off and only go for 6nights, 7 days?? This is totally killing me. I can’t believe they sent this thing to me…dang them. I hate myself ok with skipping a year. I was ok wiht doing the big girl thing and then this comes…:laugh:


That’s what I was thinking…maybe you could do a quick 4 day trip? I know you fly so it might be complicated. Dave calls our short trips “A shot in the arm” because you just need a little Disney to tide you over for the next big trip.


So now I’m obsessed with going…I can pay for the entire trip…spending money and all with my income tax refund…yup, the whole trip. I was going to use that to pay off bills…ahh being a big kid stinks. I REALLY want to go…really, really, really want to go.


:laugh: The same thing happened to us one year Dana.
No plans to go and here it came.
So…we went.

Good luck. I know you’ll make it work.


[QUOTE=roxie;918931]:laugh: The same thing happened to us one year Dana.
No plans to go and here it came.
So…we went.

Good luck. I know you’ll make it work.[/QUOTE]

It’s like the WDW gods know you don’t intend to go or something:laugh: I have to go…I probally will go and will hear tons of nonsense from my parents who know how I am struggling with DD’s tuition. It won’t be so hard now…Xmas is over and it took a bit to get back on my feet after the other WDW trip…I had a hard year financially and adding DD’s tuition didn’t help. I am getting caught up now…It’s not like I am taking paycheck money to go right? This is my income tax refund…MY money…


Heehee, so tempting isn’t it Dana? We were going to take this year off as well, but when they offered the buy 4 get 3 deal, my dh said book it! Who am I to question him? Haha!!

I am sure you will be able to do this.


When was your next trip going to be? Could you do this trip but upgrade to an AP and take that second trip within 12 months? I know it would cost more at this point but save more on the next trip.


We were going to go in 2010 some time…was looking at winter or the last week of August again. I don’t want the AP. I won’t be able to get the deal which is what is sucking me into a trip in the first place…lol No AP rate is going to beat this deal…of course getting two trips on one admission is temtping…don’t know what next year will bring, so I hate to spend the extra if I don’t have to. I think there is a mistak with the WDW quote…my confirmation is for only 6 nights/7days…that quote should be much lower. I am trying to get back through again. I need to have exact figures. If I can pay the entire trip (spending money and all) with my income tax, I’m going. If I can’t, then it’s not going to happen. I can’t add not one more bill to my bi-weekly paycheck.


You ARE going. And that’s that. You can be really, REALLY cheap if you want to be - you know you can. Would you consider a Value? Is there a difference in the price? Personally I’d take a value and take the extra day…


Teh value is $1450 or something…few hundred cheaper, but I won’t be happy there. I LOVE POFQ…we even visited there last trip:laugh: If I am going to be naughty and go to WDW instead of paying off all my bills, I am staying where I want to:laugh:


What’s a few hundred? I can spend that in the first aisle of the supermarket. You can do it. I know how you love POFQ.


What’s a few hundred? I can spend that in the first aisle of the supermarket. You can do it. I know how you love POFQ.[/QUOTE]

I can spend that in wallmart at the register impulse section.:laugh: Yeah, I think this may be possible. I still have to call back and get a true number. I still think the girl made a mistake with the calculation.


Double check the amount for sure.


I totally am. I want to get another agent and get them to run the figures again. I have the online price from and will go from there.


Don’t feel so bad if you decide not to go. Disney will always be there, and there are always othere deals if you decide to go later.


I’ve never done it but I thought I had read that people get a package but before they use the tickets, they would use the value of them and upgrade to an AP. But I understand that “am I sure I’m going within 12 months” problem. I would be so mad at myself if I spent the extra money and didn’t go the second time.


I was wondering about doing this during our trip in March. Dh says if we can apply the package towards the AP upgrade, we will definitely go back in December. :happy:


I swear . . . you got the card cuz you didn’t book! And the little Disney computers went :eek: and spit out a card with your name on it and a deal you couldn’t refuse! They get me EVERY TIME with that!! Good luck! I hope it all works out to your favor! :happy: