"Pin Codes" for Dining


What does this mean? How do I get one?!



PIN code offers are snail mail or email offers specific to you (can’t be transferred).

Only Disney decides who gets PIN code offers. Frequent trips, frequent visits to disney.com, shopping at the Disney store are all suspects, but no one but the Mouse really knows.


I got one in the mail, wish i could give it to you since we wont be able to use it.:crying:


“Pin Code” means your one of the lucky ones. and the rest of us are very envious


Oh kinda like a lottery. Well I shop enough at disney.com and I was there in September so I hope I get pulled!

Thanks everyone!



Someone at my office who just went in June got a PIN code for free dining that runs to December.


I have never gotten one. Maybe we go too much and they know we will be going back. Who knows. If you get one, you are definitely lucky.