Pin Collecting "newb"


I have a very small collection - less than a lanyard full and I was just wonderin’ what you do with the pins after you fill up your lanyard?

Where do you store them all? Just in a binder where you can’t see them?
I don’t get it! lol
I am interested in starting a small collection but I want to do it right!

Thanks guys :wub:


Hey Tess, even though I don’t have a lanyard and don’t plan on getting one anytime soon, I DID start to collect pins. I am currently looking for an inexpensive way to store them too.

Although, I think this would suit you PERFECT: :wub:

You can find similar things like these on eBay too.


My DS has started a small collection of about 30-40 pins. Last summer we bought a small cork board at WDW just for pins so he can hang it on his wall and see his pins. I wish it was bigger because it’s full and doesn’t have all of his pins on it. Next time I think I’ll just go to Wal Mast and buy a larger one.


ooooh wishy-poo! I LOVE that lil’ mermy one!
also, Disney Teach - that is a great idea! I’ll get a corkbord in FL :happy:


DisneyTeacher, the cork board is a fantastic idea! I think I’ll skip picking one up in FL (I always have a problem trying to come home on the plane with all the new stuff I find), and pick up a cork board locally. Yeah! Another project . . . but this one will be fun.



I like the cork board idea- my kids have multiple lanyards, but the corkboard would be better to display them. Thanks!


I use a corkboard and they work GREAT! I can admire my pins each day with them on there. And you can hang it on the wall to make it look nice.


We put MJ’s on 16x20 art canvases andhang them on our walls…


My roommate has a cute corkboard for her pins and it works well. Mine are still on lanyards because I like to take them to the parks to trade. I am going to invest in a corkboard though for the ones I don’t plan on trading. But I still like to take them to the parks to show off, so I haven’t done it quite yet. :biggrin:

I also collect the country Mickey pins, and if I don’t take them with me to the parks, I can never remember which countries I don’t have yet. So another reason I just use lanyards for now.


Thank you for asking the question! I was wondering the same thing. We have just started Emilie a small collection (mainly thanks to a very AWESOME DCer) and I know we were going to buy more in March. My DH wants big on the buying more because of storage and now I can do the cork board. THANKS SO MUCH!


Along with the corkboard idea. If you get a big or small one, use felt to make a castle or a Disney design and then put your pins on. I have a castle board, an Epcot board with the geosphere, and MGM on with the scrolling film and an AK one with animals. I think they look like 3 dimensional pin pictures.
You can also create scenes with the character pins.


Well, we have 5 or 6 lanyards, but for all the extra pins that don’t fit on our lanyards we have an Disney pin album. Here’s a link to one on ebay that’s like ours.

Disney Pin Album

It’s just like a photo album with binder rings and the removable pages. It’s pretty nice. It works great for traveling with the pins. The corkboard is a better idea for displaying them though…

P.S. Tessa, I love your new avatar…


oooh MommytoMJM I really love the art canvas idea!
I think I’ll get a corkbord and cover it with a pretty cloth or something…make it look as pink and girly as the rest of my room :tongue:

P.S. thankies Dewey - you know you’re my favourite dewey (who is NOT a duck)


Now can someone please explain to me this pin TRADING thing? lol (I’m really blonde…I apologise in advance)


You should go to this lovely little part of the Disney website HERE and read all about it. They do a nice job of hitting the highlights of pin trading… Click around a bit, but the “Get Started” portion is what will help you the most!

As for me and my collection… Well some of them are still on a lanyard. Some are stuck on a lovely piece of cloth and carefully rolled up and put away. Some are in a shadow box with pictures of me + Goofy, Fast Passes and other memorabilia. And I have a few sitting on my night stand… :blush:

The cool thing about the pins is that you can pretty much do whatever you like with them…



I use a large corkboard. It makes me happy to see my pins everyday. I also wear a few on a lanyard while I am at work(I work for Wal-Mart). I change them out depending on the season or what is happening with Disney. Right now I have Lady and the Tramp pins on my work lanyard for the release of the DVD.


This is so neat! My dad passed away a few years ago and we came across his hat pin collection, and you guessed it, several pins from our many disney trips during our youth. Some of hotels no longer, names changed, etc. I need to go through and make a list. . .


Thats awesome.
Yea, I asked my mom if she had some.
Apparently Disney was not as it is now and they didnt have them, which I don’t believe, but oh well.


I’m going to trade for ones I like, put them on my Tink bag, and put my extras (that will be in a ziplock), onto my lanyard to trade.


I like to cork board idea Nikki