Pin collection question


Does anyone know a site where you can find total collections displayed. I am trying to make sure my DD is not missing any more of a collection she has. Thanks for the help.


Dana–I am at work, so I cannot check all my pin sites…but I think PinPics or might have what you are looking for. I will double check back here tonight when I get home to see if you were successful in your quest.


I have tried pinpics, but will definately take a look at the other. Thanks doughnut. Sara just wants to know if she is only missing brer rabbit from that bottlecap collection. i was able to get sleeping beauty, snow white and cinderella from ebay. I just wasn’t 100% sure if Brer was the final one for me to find. I just can’t find a picture of the total collection…this is becoming more my quest then her’s…lol Thanks for your help and let me know if you see anything.


Pinpics is pretty awesome. It can also be pretty overwhelming too! :wink:

Is your DD looking for the Cast Lanyard sets or pretty much any sets in general???


She has been collecting the bottlecap series and we are trying to determine how many more there are. The only other one that I know of is the Brer RAbbit one, but I just want to make sure she has them all. I am trying to find a person with the entire collection.


Awesome! Did you check this link out at Pin Pics??? :tongue:


By the way, how many does she have right now??? 16??? :biggrin:


Hey Dana!
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been checking around and the only Brer Rabbit that I have found is a bottle cap magnet and that was from one of my pin collecting friends…I can’t seem to find a pic of the pin though…and it is driving me crazy…can’t BELIEVE there is a pin out there I can’t get info on…harummmphh!


When the three come from the ebay thingy I won, she will have a total of 16.


That’s them…I looked all through that site and didn’t find them. Thanks for looking for me. I just saw another she is missing…Ariel…figures… That’s not the complete collection though.


No worries dougnut. Don’t go to any trouble now. I just seen another one that DD is missing according to the link Goof provided…Ariel and Brer are what I am looking for now.


My daughter has Ariel! :cool:

Maybe there is a trade afoot??? I will ask her to see if she is interested in a trade…


Yes, please ask her if she is willing to trade for it. I am certain we have something for her. Ask her which is her favorite charcter and I’ll tell you what we have.


SORRY! I totally spaced this off last night! I will try to do better today! :tongue:

She tends to like the Cast Lanyard sort of pins with the hidden Mickeys. Of those she tends to like the ones with princesses. She loves the princesses with fans series.

But I will ask her! :wink:


My DD just got 4 of those from ebay. She doesn’t have a princess, but she does have a baby daisy duck one with a hidden mickey. It’s in excellent condition. She also has cinderella puzzle pin that’s cute, but not a hidden mickey kind. Please let me know what she says. I just lost my bid on one I found on ebay.


My DD is “thinking about it”! :glare:

What does she think she is, a teenager? She is 9! She needs to make up her mind faster! :pinch:

I will shake her down again today… :wink:

I am pretty sure she will trade, but she may need some visuals. So if you can point out or show some pictures of a possible pin to trade I KNOW that will help her make up her mind! :tongue: :wink:


I don’t have anything to post a picture of…hmm I understand her wanting to think about it however. MY DD (11) is a very serious trader now and doesn’t just give them up at random. No need to shake her down for it. I bought the cast member pins with the hidden mickey’s on ebay. One is a Daisy duck with a pink flower, the other is Gonzo, we also have the villian wanted poster (malicifient), and a AK parking one that is a giraffe. We also have a few princess pins that are random and not CM hidden mickeys ones. No worries on the trade. Don’t pressure her. :heart:


She may like the Maleficent pin… She had some Maleficent pins on her lanyard when she posed with Aurora, and of course Aurora gave her a tongue lashing! :wink: :tongue: My daughter then traded away all of her Maleficent pins, but she may want more! :wink:


I won it on ebay last night!!! I am so excited. thank you for looking into the trade for me though.


Hey, Dana, if you find a brer pop cap and happen to see a second one. let me know. I think I know a lil brer rabbit who collects them who might just want one as a surprise!!!