Pin enthusiasts, please come look. (especially DL)


I received this little packet last June during my stay at the Grand Californian in Disneyland. I think I was buying some postcards in the store and when I went to check out the CM handed it to me and said, “enjoy.” There are 3 pins in the packet; one says “Discovery” with Donald Duck on it, one says “Wilderness” with Pluto howling, and the last one is Minnie Mouse on Main Street and says “Parades.”

I was wondering if these are something ‘special’ that perhaps was given to me as a small ‘dream’ or something limited edition? OR, are these more like the general ‘free’ pin trading pins that WDW gives out a lot. Like the ME ones you get for free with your Magical Express voucher.

I am trying to get together some pins to trade on our upcoming trip and wasn’t sure if these are something I should hold on to or something I should trade away.

The stamp on the back says “Disneyland Resort Hotel Hidden Mickey Collection.”

The paper in the packet explains the “Mickey’s Pin Festival of Dreams” that went on this past summer & the back of the card haqs ‘pin trading etiquette.’

  • sorry it’s a bad pic, I had to use my cell cam.



Would you trade these or not, what’do ya think?


I’m not a pin enthusiast or anything…but I know somewhere out there there is a pin website…does anyone know what that is? I know you can look up a pins “worth” that would probably help yah out!


I was trying to find that website too 'Bella, I don’t even know what it’s called. :laugh:


Wish did you try… not sure if that is any help.


How about pin pics? Im not to sure. I dont think that I would trade those.


Have you tried Welcome To Tomart Publications That’s the Disneyana price book for pins and other collectables.


Jess, don’t trade those pins. They are collectibles from a pin event.


yeah, I was thinking about it and my FIRST instinct was “Oh, these are like those darn free Magical Express pins that everyone & their Mother gets at WDW.” Then when I re-read the card I realized they must have ONLY been made for that DL pin event this past summer.

I am going to save them in the package & put it in my pin book.

Thank you everyone :smile:

Last night I found 20 pins on eBay with “Buy It Now” for $40.00. I order from this seller everytime I go to Disney, she’s been SO nice to me as a ‘return customer.’ I thought 20 Disney pins for $40. was a decent deal.


I woujld not trade the pins either…I have never seen them before, how wonderful that you were given them.


Decent? more like awsome! Can you link me to her store? I don’t expect free shipping at all of course, but would love to see what she has if you dont’ mind. DD is going to need traders for august.


Even if the pins are not especially vvaluable, that is such a nice story that they are totally worth keeping!!!