Pin lanyard with Pass holder


We have seen some people with a pin lanyard that at the end of the lanyard they have a clear pouch that holds their room card, i.d. and park passes. Does anyone know where you can buy these?



I can’t answer your question, but seeing as your kids are close in age to mine, I’ll tell you how we handle passes: dad’s wallet.

Since we’re together the entire trip and with the exception of Space Mountain and RnRC, we all ride together, I keep all passes/room keys in my wallet, even DW’s. When we go into the parks, I hand them out and collect them as soon as we’re in. I end up getting all the Fast Passes anyway, so it’s easier to keep them together.

Next year, DS will be 13, so I might consider letting him keep his own, but if DW can leave hers with me, then why not him too?


OMG - you really are my DH and I just don’t know you are a DCer, right? :noo:


Actually Matt, that is exactly what we do. I keep the passes in my wallet and then I also get the fast passes. The reason I am asking is because the kids both have their own lanyard with a pin collection. The lanyard they have is from the package we got last year. It has a hard plastic card at the bottom. I would like to get the clear plastic pouch type so that we can put a peice of paper in it with our cell phone information and other type of lost kid information in case they get seperated. Currently we put this information in their pocket in a plastic ziplock bag so they are not ruined on the wet rides. The lanyards would simply be easier since they already are wearing them.

I have seen some people with these where they keep their drivers license and even money. They just seem to be handy.


I bought mine at one of the Disney outlet stores in Orlando.


Jeff, you can buy the clear plastic pouches at Staples or Office Max. They are great for information for you kids. Did that with John our last trip, even though he is old enough to remember where we are staying, cell phone #s, etc. It was nice knowing it was there.


This is exactly what we do too!! DH is in charge of the passes!!!


Jeff -

I read that Blizzard beach had them. Not positive, but I sware I read it in a report. :mickey:


Never thought of that. Great idea.

#10 This is where I got ours, and they are great!!!


Awesome!!! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!!! Thanks


Glad I could help :biggrin:


I know they make a card with a clip on it. They sell these all over WDW.