PIN numbers for MB


Last trip in Sept, we didn’t have magic bands but when we did online checkin they ask to choose a PIN. I just did online checkin for our May trip and they say the PIN is chosen and if we want to change it, we have to see the front desk. I’m not sure what the PIN was from 7 months ago. I didn’t realize that was my “disney” PIN forever. Or is this a glitch?

For those that have taken a few trips in the last 8 months, is there a PIN permanently attached to your account or could you change it with each trip?


Maybe you could email Dana, I’m sure she would know the answer to this. I would be interesting to know this answer, so I make sure I put my code in a safe spot so I don’t forget what it is for the future.


If you want to change it, no problem. When checking in, just tell the cm, and they will do something in the computer, and then have you punch in your new PIN number in the pad.


I don’t even remember what the old pin number was, so the new number might be the same as the old number. :laugh:


…that’s ok…I do that all the time with websites…I can’t remember so I just “change” it or reset it using the one I thought it was. lol Whatever works…


My problem is I choose a pin/password that “easy” to remember and of course I forget the what is it. Sometime ago, there was something on TV about website safety and the number of people that use "PASSWORD’ as their password. Even I’m not that dumb, but close. :pinch: :laugh:


Jo-Jo—I have an old fashioned Roledex with all my passwords in it…if someone breaks into my house—I’m doomed!!! lol …but I can not possibly remember them all… LOL


You are supposed to change your PIN every time you go. You are unable to do this until Check-in. I kinda wish they would give you the ability to do it online, but maybe that will come later.


That is good to know Dana, thank you. :slight_smile: