Pin numbers


I got a pin! Well, except this time when we went on vacation, my dad made, and messed up the reservations. He told them that his daughter lived at my address, which is true, but he never told them who it was.
So today, the pin shows up to my address, but addressed to my mom.

Is there any way i could use it, even though it is addressed to her?

Just curious!


We have used pins in other family members names before. They usually came in our youngest daughters name who is now out of college and living on her own. A Cm told us once that sometimes the system picks a name for an old ressie and goes with it.


I think the pins are by address…try it!


I planned my bosses vacation years back. Everything was in his name, including his e-mail, but I added my e-mail as an additional one to get the confirmation to make sure everything was correct. I got a PIN the following year with his name on it at my e-mail address. I called and was able to use it seeing they sent it to me is what the CM told me. So, yes you can use it. If they say no, hang up and call back to speak with a different CM.


I’ve had some grief with pins with other names. I’m guessing the cm helping you makes some of the difference. I also once had a cm “reprimand” me for calling with a code posted on MouseSavers.


I have still never received a pin code in the mail… :frowning: