Pin sale!

#1 is hosting their pin sale…up to 70% off pins!!! I love this pin sale and stock up for DD’s WDW trading! Monday is also free shipping on many pins, so get over there@!!


Good to know . . . thanks!!!


OK, I just sold $60 worth of pins on eBay… DO NOT let me look at this stinkin’ pin sale!!! :laugh:


I just bought $60 dollars worth of pins… I have nothing left in my pin budget…:crying: (but I must add that I got a great deal seeing those prices and knowing that most of mine are hidden mickey ones):wub:


There are some GREAT deals there though, ESPECIALLY with free shipping. I already spotted a couple $2.99 pins!! :eek:


Every one of the 2.99 pins I saw are not available…:angry: I was just looking-

How does it work at the parks? Do they allow trading of pins from disney shopping? I have only used ones from the parks or those that were given to us.


I know!!! i just clicked on a few & they all said “not available!!!” :glare: :glare: What the heck? :pinch:

Oh, and YES, you can definately trade these pins in the parks. Not a problem at all! :happy:


I find that they do that a lot! You will see things all the time that are only avail when they are not on sale :glare: serious bait and switch! And the sad thing is its all the 70% off ones that are not avail- that just irritates me!:angry:


They were all available this morning; I stocked up!:blush: So did another guy at work. :blush: I wanted to tell all my MB’er friends, but I can’t post on chat rooms at work…sorry! I think all of the “deals” are sold out pretty quickly. I think the pins we bought we’re $2.50 per pin…not too bad of a deal…but we had to pay $5 in shipping…still not too bad.