Pin Tradders Near PA


Any pin traders near East Central PA that want to meet and trade? We are about 10 minutes from the Delaware River, 20 minutes from Easton or 20 minutes from Stroudsburg. We go to CJDPT meets and trade with friends. We would love to meet some more pin traders. :mickey:


you are not that far from us…


I never really understood Pin Tradding. I get the idea that you get together and swap pins. For us we buy the pins we like and that have some meaning for the trip we took to Disney. I know there is something I’m missing with this Pin Tradding because it is huge. What is it?

On another note how does eveyone display all their pins at home?


Or us either.

we dont trade pins though, just wanted to say “HI”!:laugh:



On another note how does eveyone display all their pins at home?[/QUOTE]

Our kids have a large cork board on their walls with all their pins orgainzed. They made rows by characters, hidden mickeys, transportataion, star wars weekends, halloween, christmas etc. They had a good time organizing and determining which ones they would like to trade next, if any.


Im not that far either, dont have that many pins to trade…


Same ~ we’re neighbors ~ for the next 2 weeks ~ but we don’t have pins to trade, lol


How are you!!! So nice to see another “old” face around!


HEY! Who u calling old?! :eek: … :biggrin: been very very busy and also pretending that I dont miss wdw… :glare:

hows it? :biggrin:
sorry thread jacking…

back to pin trading…

Im in baltimore area. have very few pins to trade…


I bought my sons pins on our first trip they were 3 and 6 at the time…I wasn’t sure they would get it, but holy cow…they wanted to trade with EVERY CM we saw. On our second trip I brought my friend and her 3 kids and they all got into the trading! Our next visit 151 days :):):slight_smile: will be fun…Santa has purchased each boy 20 new pins to trade…They love it