Pin Trading in Disneyland?


This might seem like a silly question but, is there Pin Trading in Disneyland and California Adventure? I wasn’t sure and since my trip is right around the corner I thought I’d ask.

Thank you!:smile:


There is pin trading in all the disney parks.:heart:


Ok thank you so much Dana! Now I just need to find where I put those pins!


Put them for trading? You can get a lanyard or wear them on a hat. There aren’t any specific rules for casual trading with pin placement. My DD is a veteran trader. :Let me know if you have any questions.:heart:


Did you look in the top drawer of your dresser? How about the shelf in the closet?:huh:


I bet you put them somewhere so that you wouldn’t forget where you put them right?!

…I do that ALL the time!


Yes! I found them! There were next to pictures from past WDW visits… I guess I had a reason for putting them there! I had bought about 10 sets of pin from the Disney store because I usually trade my pins in WDW but I get to trade in DLR this time!!! YIPE! I can’t wait, can you tell? :slight_smile: