Pin trading notebook/bag?


Hi all… to try to make the time pass quicker until my April trip, I’ve been purchasing pins on ebay. I am hooked!! It’s so fun. I’ve purchased some that I would use exclusively for trading. Unfortunately my DD saw some and keeps adding them to her lanyard!! At this point there is no more room on her lanyard and I’m also a bit concerned about her losing some if she “wears” them all. Was wondering how you all carry your pins to the park with you. I’m guessing you wear some on your lanyard, but do you also put some in a pintrading bag or some type of notebook/binder? Was wondering what was out there.


I use my back-pack.


We (My DH) has a pin folder and my DD’s have the pin trading backpack. They keep the ones that they want to keep in the backpack and only wear their trading pins.

DH only has keeps pins he won’t trade any of his!


Quick Question…
What if you have pins with no backs?
Where can you find backs?


they sell the pin backing at all the pin stores.


In fact, it doesn’t hurt to buy some ‘Just in case’.


My DS doesn’t take the pins he wants to keep with him. I leave those at home or in the room. The only pins that go to the park are pins he wants to trade. I don’t want to take a chance on losing important pins and I don’t want to add to whet we have to carry around all day.


Missy - were did you find the folder and pin trading backpack? Sounds like what I’m looking for.


go to and also the pirates of the caribbean pins is coming out this June.:mickey:


We got them from world of Disney, i think. You can get them from the parks too. The are made for pins, all padded.


can you find backs at the craft store.
I don’t have a pin stored anywhere near here.