Pin Trading Question....!


Help! We are relatively new to pin trading but, did quite a bit of it last year when we were there. My DH wanted my DD to have plenty of pins to trade with on our trip this year so, I did some research and bought a “grab bag” assortment from a reputible seller on EBAY. I was suprised when many of the pins I received were dated…i.e. the entire 2004 Olympic pin set, attraction, event and ride opening pins that have the year on them, etc. Are these type pins tradeable??? :confused: They are all stamped with the official Disney logo and meet the other trading criteria that I am aware of…none of them are personalized but, as I said, many have a specific year on them. I just want to make sure she can trade with these…if not, I am going to request a refund!

Any help would be very much appreciated!!



My kiddos got into the pin trading this past year also and it seemed that just so long as the pins were official Disney pins then anything goes. The Olympic ones sound really cool :cool: . But I’m sure someone on MB can give you the “rules”.


As long as the pins have the official Disney trading logo on the back they are good for trading.

Be careful about about Sedesma pins, the CMs aren’t supposed to trade for them.


The Sedesema pins have that printed on the back…right???


Those pins are definitely tradable, and even desirable!!!


Oh wonderful!!! That is a load off my mind…my DD will be very happy!

Now…what about the Sedemesa (or however u spell that) pins…I know that they are not tradeable…and I am very careful about cking for that when buying on ebay… Is there a way to tell if you have one of those pins? I accidentally got a Eurodisney pin one time as well…those are not tradeable either right?


The Sedesma pins look and feel really cheap. I think it you saw one you would know it, they just look different.


A dated pin, unlike a dated tee shirt is a good thing. To start, you know it had to be a more limited run. Things like the annual passholder pins, park anniversaries, the 4 park puzzle pins (set of 4 pins featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto that interlock, one character/park per pin, dated), hard ticket parties, etc are limited to runs of 2,000 and 5,000. Plus, the designs change from year to year. So, with pins, dating is a good thing.
I’m not a hard core collector and really don’t trade at all. My wife collects far more and does trade. My biggest reasons for not are, I only want certain types of pins and at that, more limited distribution and mostly passholder exclusives and tour pins mostly, and it’s really easy to let yourself get out of control with one more collection (My slowly growing beanbag Goofy collection is another example of limited collecting), and I won’t trade a tour pin for anything, you don’t buy them and can’t buy them. All of my pins come directly from WDW or DL stores and tour CMs. I do have a very few pins that DW has traded for that she gave me as gifts, and when she trades, it is almost always doubles that she trades away (like I used to trade baseball cards).
Of course, DW also has been building a collection of pins from all the non-Disney parks we’ve been to and many of the coasters we’ve ridden. As we’ve been to around 30 parks and ridden close to 200 coasters together, you can see how this does get out of control fast!


If they’re genuine Disney pins, I don’t see why EuroDisney, or rather, Disneyland Paris pins would be worth less and would be less desirable. In fact, seeing how most WDW and DL visitors have little chance of going to one of the Disney parks outside the US, I’d think they’d be worth more because they are relatively more rare than those from the US parks.


ANY Disney pin is tradeable if it is stamped on the back…EuroDisney or otherwise! :happy:

You will know a Sedesma pin when you come across it - they are generally a little smaller and thinner than Disney pins, and feel almost like plastic. They are not coated with a high-shine finish like Disney pins, either.

If you ever get a Sedesma pin off of a CM lanyard, give it back! The CM should be aware that it’s not a tradeable pin, and it should never be on their lanyard in the first place.


Ive traded Euro Disney Pins and UK DisneyStore pins with CM’s and pin traders and never had a problem