Pin Trading


I was wondering if it is worth it?? or is it fun??


My son has been pin trading for several years and loves it. I like to buy pins that have a special meaning (resorts we’ve stayed at, favorite rides or shows) but I don’t trade. I could spend a small fortune on cute pins but I don’t trade.


I like to buy the pins, but not a fan of trading. I guess because I look for just the right pins… and I dont want to loose them…:blush:


SO FUN!!! Here’s what you do:

  1. Call your local Disney Store and ask them when their pin trading night is? You can buy bags of “traders” for like $2/pin on those select nights.

  2. Buy traders on ebay . . . I always take the amount of pins for sale, multiply by $2.15 minus shipping and make that my max bid! Most pins in the park START at $6.95.

Both my DDS have lanyards they put these inexpensive “trader” pins on . . . and then they trade with CM for pins the want. I always buy them a “special” one each trip too, either from the restaurant we went to or the resort we stayed at!! They have large pin books they put them into when they come home . . . they spend hours reminiscing and trading with each other.

MY DDs LOVE TO PIN TRADE!! Last time we were there, they were on the hunt for the “baby Princesses” We almost got them all too . . . so next trip we’ll be on the hunt AGAIN.

Also, I find it SAVES me $$ . . . cuz when we enter a shop, they are so involved with finding CMs with good pins to trade . . . they don’t look at the other items . . . and if they get a pin they REALLY like, then they feel like they have gotten something NEW and I’ve spent no MONEY!! :ph34r: (well a little before we left)

We’ve gotten all our friends into and they enjoy it too!!

Anyway . . . can’t you tell I like doing it?? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: HAPPY PIN TRADING!!


At first I really loved collecting pins but I did NOT trade. I would buy limited editions of attractions I loved, Tinkerbell pins, etc. and I STILL keep all those “special” ones in a pin collecting book. Then I started noticing that a lot of CMs would have cute pins that I REALLY liked on their lanyards & I never had anything to trade with them.

Before I left for trips I started to buy “trader lots” on eBay and ALWAYS look for deals, never paying more than $2.50 per pin and always making sure they were NOT “Sedsema” pins (fake plastic Disney-wannabe pins).

So now I always have a little baggie of trader pins in my purse when were at the parks so if I see that awesome pin on a CM’s lanyard and I can whip one out and trade with them.

Try it on your next trip, you might get addicted. :laugh: My two tips are LOOK on Ebay for “trader lots,” and never buy or trade “Sedsema” pins.



i just bought a lot on ebay & am very worried that they are sedesma!! the seller had great comments about other pins sold & that they were traded at parks, so hopefully they are good! we’ll see!!

anyway - we love trading - just got into it last trip - the girls loved doing it (and didn’t want to buy any new ones, it was more fun to try to trade)! we had bought like 10 or 20 before we left last time to trade with.

i agree, look for some on ebay & have fun with it!


You can pm me the link to the auction if you wish and I will let you know.:smile:


thanks - i may do that! i am kinda scared to find out though! i should have waited to get an email back (I asked the seller and haven’t heard yet) but the auction was ending soon, so i took a chance!