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Other than @ Ebay… where can I get grab bags of pins for trading?? I am trying to get some pins for my daughter to trade when we go to WDW, and we dont have a lot of money so I wanted to look into the grab bags…Thanks!:blush:


Our own Gingita was selling Disney pin grab bags a few weeks back. They were priced at 10 pins for $30 with free shipping. I bought lots for my DS nad all the pins were in excellent shape.


Here’s the thread Ginger started:


If you can’t get in touch with Ginger I am just gonna have to say eBay is your best bet. There are TONS of people on there that sell cheap lots. I got a lot of 15 cast series pins for $30!! back in July.


That’s a great deal!!


k…kewl thanks:happy:


I have had my share of getting and disposing of pins this way, so one I can recommend is this one: Dizpins Sale Board There are usually some grab bags somewhere on here, but the price differs from seller to seller. Can pay to check it out from time to time and see. Have a number of Sedesma lying around myself, which I tend to end up trading for whatever as they are considered lower-rung by most, though I think they still accept them as traders. Anyway, take a look and have fun. Hope you find some to work with.




Gingita’s pins are awesome & she did free shipping! I bought 2 sets and she shipped them super fast! I know she said she has a ton of pins, and to let her know if you have requests!


Ebay is good. Just watch the postage and handling fees. Some sell their pins cheap and then stick it to you with P&H.


Hi- I guess I am bumping this thread to avoid another new one- but have you ever seen or used, Inc. Disney Trading Pins - Going to the Parks ???
Seems that you can get a lot of 25 pins with free shipping for $79 bucks-
3.16 a pin… where do these people get this stuff???


I bought mine on ebay too.
80 pins for $40.00 - got a real deal on them and they all have the disney logo on the back


I was wondering about this stuff, my DD’s are 2 & 3, sort of young for this kind of thing, but oh well… On our last trip in sept we bought them each starter sets and I was going to let them begin trading thsi trip. I guess I will ask Ginger if she still has some to sell! Thanks for bringing this up!


We sell trader pins for $2.25 each with FREE shipping. If you order 20 or more we guarantee to include cast lanyard (hidden mickey series, now), Limited Edition and/or Cast Exclusive. We have references on DizPins and on Ebay. You can read our feedback on DizPins about our pins. We try to personalize each order. We don’t allow you to hand pick them, but we try to include pins of your favorite characters…who knows you might even find some from you wants list (Pin Pics if you have one). If interested, drop us an email at

Darlene & Nena