Pinocchio Village Haus--interesting blog--


The Pinocchio Village Haus in the Magic Kingdom (The ?World? According to Jack)

I didn’t know some of this information and have been in there many many times—it used to be one of DDs favorite lunch places.

I can NOT believe that there is an upstairs balcony on which to eat!!! Anyone eaten upstairs?

Never have been there when those stairs in the picture were not roped off. I just assumed there were offices upstairs or something. Also never been there when CMs were doing crowd control…it’s always been crowded–

I also knew there was something “different” about the architecture and name being Bavarian, but never compared it to DLs. Good pictures—and also shows how they will tie in the new castle and area! :mickey:


Funny, I read that a week or so ago. Posted a comment too. I will have to take another look at this restaurant. My nose is so far in the air, I rarely get excited over QS restaurants :blush:


Oh—I didn’t even look at comments…

We do some of both types----but we had gotten tired of this one and had not been in awhile. I have only been to DL once and didn’t remember the difference in architecture. I just thought it was interesting.


I never saw anyone eat upstairs in there either. We stopped going after one visit when it wasn’t too clean, and I had an upset tum after eating there.


:laugh: Actually, there are a lot of QS restaurants that have pretty good options. The trick is to look for the more unique items - not just burgers and fries. The only thing that really bugs me about QS is the paper plates and plastic cutlery - maybe I should carry my own little set of Royal Doulton. I remember having a very good sandwich at Pinocchio’s - but we’ve only been there once. There are some must-do QS for us: the tuna sandwich at Columbia Harbour House, fish 'n chips from the stand in England and the Original from Earl of Sandwich. Nothing dessert-wise comes close to a Cloudberry Cream Horn from Kringla Bakery.:wub:


We’ve eaten there once. We enjoyed sitting at the overlook of IASW. But I much prefer the “show” at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe.


We stop there about every other trip. I always try to get upstairs to look over IASW.


We have always eaten upstairs. It is always secluded. Hopefully this will not give away our secret hideaway.


—I wonder why it’s been roped off the times I remember eating in there??? Was it something I said? :ohmy: :laugh::laugh:


well that’s it, the paper plates. I actually posted in my comment about that and Jack wrote me an email back about that. lol

Yes, we have had the tuna sandwich at the Columbia Harbor house and loved sitting upstairs all by ourselves. I love the Kringla and their smoked salmon/ scrambled egg sandwich. We also love the Shwarma platter at Tangirine. I just don’t like to eat like cattle and that’s what it tends to be.