Pins & tsa


I was just sitting here at my desk, surfing… yes again…
MY DD “USASMIG789” has about 40 pins that she will be trading @ WDW when we go in September… If we carry them on the plan, will TSA say anything? Will they allow them on the plane? I do travel, but I have never traveled with pins before?


Shouldn’t be a problem. They took my corkscrew with a 1/2" seal cutter that was about as as dull as a butter knife. But my other corkscrew was ok?!? :confused:

Should be no different than other jewlery, but I’d pack them or plan on putting them in the container to have screened. You can also check out the TSA site


They took mine corkscrew when I flew to New Orleans last year.
Won’t do that again.
Also, had a lighter in my makeup case, they ripped through that to get to the lighter…
There goes the eyeliner.


On our trip in Feb., my DD wore her lanyard with her pins on it both going and coming on the airplane. Nothing was ever said. She just put them in the tray with her jacket, shoes, etc. and they scanned them and that was it! NO PROBLEM! :cool:


Maybe I should make her wear all 40 pins… lol
What a sight she would be, be everyone would know that she was going to WDW.
Make her wear a “I’m 13” pin too.


Just received this email from TSA regarding Pins… Maybe I should call them

Therefore, TSA security screening personnel make the final decision on whether to permit items like Disney Pins into the sterile area of the airport. Should you need additional assistance, feel free to contact us at toll free 866-289-9673.

We hope this information is helpful.

TSA Contact Center


I just got off the phone with Security at Newark International Airport (ewr). They said that there should not be a problem with the pins as long as your not brining 100’s of them… I said my DD is planning on taking close to 100, she said not to worry… DD wants to take her pins in her carryon…

Gotta love USASMIG789!


If you’re worried just put them in your checked luggage.


But the kid wants to take them with her…



[making this post long enough]


I doubt they would care at all…if you are worried but them maybe farther down in your luggage where it isn’t as reconizable. It shouldn’t be a problem at all though because it isn’t a “weapon”