Just heard the other day about the pin trading but dont know much about it… If there is anyone that has more info or knows where I can find more info then let me know. I think my kid my be a little too young when we go. He will be 5…



5-years-old isn’t young for pin trading at all. :happy: He may even get excited about it!

There are lots of sites regarding Disney pin trading, but here are a few of them…

Official Disney Pin Trading Site


Wikipedia - Disney pin trading

I hope that these help! :laugh:


Pin trading is a great experience for anybody and pin collecting too. I started a year ago and have been obbessed since. It’s neat to share a hobby with millions of other people around there world. You can trade at the parks with people or cast members or by mail which I have done and works great. The fantastic thing about collecting is that there are millions of pins which are all unique and different. You are never too young to start collecting pins and just display them in your child’s room after they get it so they can admire it. Enjoy this amazing hobby and I will give as a reference. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I’m sure these have been posted somewhere here before, but let’s add them again for the newbies, lol.
Pin Pics: Search
Dizpins Boards @
Perhaps these two can help you out a little.