Pirate Adventure at the GF


Looking to hear reviews on this one for my DS. Anyone have a child participate?


My son did the GF Pirate Cruise last May and loved it. I don’t know the details since I Wasn’t there but he had a blast. The kids all came back singing Yo ho, Yo ho, it was really cute. I think it’s a bargin, 2 hours of fun for under $30.


Both DS 8 and DD 6 went 2 weeks ago. They had a blast. There is also one at one of the Boardwalk resorts, but we choose to do the one from the GF. You drop them off and they give them their life jackets, a set of mickey pirate ears and they set off for 2 hours. The boat they used was bigger than a pontoon boat, but smaller than one of the Friendship boats. It reminded me of one of the Jungle Cruise Boats. They go of to several of the ports and swing by Discovery Island while they are out.

While they were gone DW and I went to the Boardwalk to walk around. While we were there we saw the other Pirate excursion take off. There were about 1/3 the number of participants, and they used a pontoon boat.

Our kids had a great time and loved the PB&J sandwiches they had.


I’ve always wanted DS to do this, but the one time I called for a spot for him, all the days we could do it were already full. Maybe next time. I hear it’s lots of fun!


DD went went she was 5 and 6. She really enjoyed it. As others have posted they gets really cute Mickey Pirate ears. They also partner up with another child for the trip. There is also a life guard on board.
We tried the other one that leaves from the Boardwalk, she said it was OK, but liked the GF one better.


My 2 boys will be doing this next month and they are REALLY looking forward to it! I’ll have to write about it when we come back!


Nathaniel did this in December and LOVED it! So much, that he is doing it again in August!

A PB&J Uncrustable was provided for lunch, along with an Apple Juice Box, Goldfish Crackers and a big Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Square. They also got a present to take with them…a small treasure chest FULL of treasure!!! It was such fun for him!!!


Well I am excited to know that the kids will have fun. I booked this for my 4 and 6 year old for Nov. 26th. My 13 year old and 10 year old were very dissappointed that they were not able to go also. Heck my husband even asked if adults could go!? I will report back and tell you how they liked it. My 4yr old already thinks he is a Pirate so this will be great for him.


My boys really enjoyed it last month! I’m glad they had an opportunity to do it!