Pirate and Princess Parties


Has anyone heard anything about whether or not Disney is going to bring these parties back for 2009? I am hoping for Jan or Feb?

Please and thank you! :cool:


I haven’t heard a word about it but I’m hoping they return.


When are the usually held? I may want to check them out for March if I go


They’re most definitely briniging it back. And I’ll be back doing the Royal Guard show again I’m told. :laugh:


Isn’t there some sort of Pirate adventure at CBR too?


Hooray!!! I’m super happy about this!! We are going in jan and were hoping for a pirate and princess party!!! I loved it last year when we went in feb!!!


any chance there will be one the end of may/first of june again? i think there was one the 1st weekend in june this year, so i’m hoping there will be one during that time again in 2009 so i can go!!


I know they refurbished the pool area to a pirate theme!



Awesome news! Thanks Rowdy! :mickey:


Hmmm…since I am going to WDW again (:wub: I can’t help myself) for my birthday … maybe I’ll be able to get into the party again.


It’s back!! Mickey’s Pirate and Princess Party Can’t wait to go in May.


YAY!!! now i just have to hope tickets will still be available 1st week in january when i can afford to buy them!!!


AWWWW!! I’m bummed that there are no dates in January while we’ll be there!!!


Me too, my kids really loved it last year and I was hoping for one in January as well. And we will be back on June 5th, so we will miss that one too. Bummer…


Why can’t they extend the dates to the middle of June, I so wanted to go! We are going back to WDW in June 12, 2009! So that totally sucks!


This is soooo awesome! I already had plans to be at WDW on Feb 20th! Yes, yes, yes!!!


too bad there are none scheduled during easter week. oh well…


What is the pirate and princess party? I found some info on it, but I’m still confused as to what it actually is and what my son would get out of it.


bumping for SailorsWifey.

Someone will come along and clue you in. It’s suppose to be a great event.

meanwhile here’s a link to the schedule for 2009 and a description :smile:



So, one of the days for the pirate & princess party we will be there…is this a fun ‘extra’ thing to do?? we are still deciding on what to use our free $200 gift card on…this is a possiblity. Also,do we have to get tix in advance or can we get them the day of??