Pirate and Princess Party Problem


Well, I have a problem. We had planned to go to MK the day before our cruise. It will be loads of fun and I really look forward to MK at night.

But, now it looks like there is a P&P party that night. Yay, that would be fun to attend! However, we will then have to pay for the daytime and the night time at MK. That is sad.

I don’t know whether to just do MK in the day or just do P&P Party at night. It seems very expensive to do both. :frown:


I would just go to the P&PP . . . SINCE you’ve been to MK before . . . if you plan it right, you can still hit your favorite rides and do all the FUN and different attractions the party offers! :happy:


I agree, just go to the party. You can get into MK as early as 4:00 p.m. and this is something you will really love.


Oh so do I… if I could go to PPP I would be there in a heart beat


I think i would do the PPP. MK will be there for years to come and PPP probably wont be.


Oh, I did not know that you could get in early. That is a plus. Hmmmm…


i’d do both! if P&PP is anywhere as great as MNSSHP, it’d be worth it to me. I’d love to get to go!

2nd choice would be just the party!


I would do the PPP, as I plan on doing it in March (I CAN’T WAIT!!!) It adds to the MK experience as its really special…


I agree!
Just go to the party!


We are leaning towards just doing the party. Can I verify in writing somewhere that you can get in with your ticket at 4pm? Everything I read says 7pm.



We went last spring and just went to DTD for part of the day (free) and swam in the pool (also free). Then we ate and went to the party. It was a BLAST! We had 1 teen one 11yo and one 10yo. There were pirates greeting us at the turnstiles at about 3:45 when we arrived- they let us right in. They seemed really excited to get the P&PP rolling! We rode rides until they started the actual party. No problems at all.
Call Disney will call or CR and they will confirm it. I had the same question! I didn’t want to spend $ for both admissions either for 5 people! YIKES!
You will have fun either way :O)


If you haven’t done the P&P Party then I would do that. I’m always up for something new at WDW and you’ll still get to experience your favorite park. Have fun!!


:wub: party wins hands down for me:heart:

special events are magical and thats why we love Disney so much:heart: :heart: :heart:

But if you could squeeze a few extra $$$ go for both:closedeye



There will be plenty of time to do everyhting the MK has to offer that night – the rides, the food, the attractions, sightseeing, shopping ~ you will be able to do everything, and then some!!!

Enjoy a leisurely day at the pool, or at DTD or resort-hopping, and then get ready to party all night!!!