Pirate and Princess Returning?


I tried searching the forum for a thread on this because I seem to remember it being mentioned but I couldn’t find anything so I apologize if this has already been covered.

Does anyone know if the Pirate and Princess Party will be returning this August like it did last year? My roommates and I went during free dining and had a great time but I don’t see anything about it being back this August.


I haven’t look at August park hours in a long time but I remember looking for short days a couple of months ago and there were no 7 pm closings. I also haven’t seen any P&P parties past June 4th.


Rowdy had reported it was going to happen over the summer, and thenhe also reported that MNSSHP was going to start Labor Day weekend, but so far it looks like neither thing is happening as originally thought.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, “Maybe.”


Well, this is the same thing I’m hoping for so we’ll have to pixie dust and pray a lot! I really want a chance to check it out and August is when I’m hoping for! I don’t ussually go during the times they have posted.:tinkerbell:


I have been waiting and waiting for something to be announced about either the MNSSHP or the P&P party for the week I am there…the hours have not changed…no parties in August as of now. I will know the second it gets announced…I am still holding out for the MNSSHP starting on the 29th like Rowdy said…hoping that they are waiting to see how the early september dates sell to see if they should have another party on the 29th of August…here’s to hoping anyway.


Dana, I’ll start hoping for a party of any kind as well!


Would WDW change park hours once they are posted? I know they’ve added hours but would they cut the hours short once they’re posted? I know the hours are subject to change but does anyone remember seeing major changes to hours to add parties?


This is what I was wondering too. I keep checking the hours, no changes yet.


I can’t remember ever seeing hours changed once they were posted but I suppose it is possible.


I remember the hours changing once they were first posted for our trip last Sept/Oct. Those were the EMH that I saw change and I’m assuming it was due to MNSSHP.


I’ve had hours changed on me, even though the official website was not updated after I’d arrived. I was told I should have looked at the Disney Info Channel.
But this is different.
We’re talking about hard ticket events here, not just keeping the park open an hour or two longer or moving Wishes from 9 to 10.


They have added parties to the calender before…it wouldn’t be a common thing to happen, but it definately could happen…maybe I am trying to will it to happen…who knows with me:laugh:


Well, I am willing it to happen right along with you! :smile:


Thanks!!! The more “will” the better my chances…lol


I’m willing it for all of us! Although I’m willing any party to happen while we’re there!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I am willing for any party as well - Halloween, Pirates, Princesses, I’ll even take a Christmas party! :mickey: