Pirate cruise or Adventure cooking class?


Hi Guys… Im always thinking of things to do at WDW and wanted to do something cool for the kids this time… I was thinking about a pirate cruise at POR or Grand Adventure cooking.
Which do you think is better?
I have 2 girls 6 & 9
Anyone done either one please let me know what you think and any pics please are always welcome:heart:


I didn’t know that there is a pirate cruise at POR. I know they have a campfire every night with marshmallow roasting going on though.

Won’t you be busy enough at the parks?


Roasting marshmellows??? Are you sure?? Riverside??? Im confused:confused: I will be busy at the parks…I think I do get a little ahead of myself but My aunt and mommom will be going to church on Sunday morn so I was thinking about doing it then. Perhaps I should not worry about it and take them to a waterpark instead.


Disney’s Pirate Adventure - Grand Floridian Dock on Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The two hour voyage begins at 9:30am…

Is this what you are referring to?


That’s a less costly thing and fun to do. don’t you have waterpark fun option on your tickets already?


Yes I do have that option… I guess you are right once again… First no mugs in the room and now no pirate adventure… You remind me of my mom:laugh: but you do have a point. I forgot all about Disney quest… So thats what I will do. thanks for making me save money!! :heart:


OMG, I feel like I am spoiling your fun. I just think you can save all that and plan another trip.
:pinch: I hate it when I make sense :pirate:


That’s enough Dopey, stop making sense right now!:pinch:


They have a bunch of different Pirate Adventures…DS has been to the one at the Grand Floridian twice. He LOVED it! I do know they have one at the Beach Club and one at POR. They all have a different theme to it.

I would ask the girls what they would want to do! Adventures in Cooking at GF sounds really fun, too! Ask them which would be more fun and go for it. :cool:


They have a Pirate cruise that leaves POR . … I saw the boat with the pirate flag on it last time we stayed there (Jul 07) and I was told about the cruise. Looked like a lot of fun . . .

If you have a day to “relax” then I’d walk over to POFQ and hit the serpent pool . . . really great slide . . . and if your DDs are like mine . . . just add water and it’s FUN for them!! :laugh:

Also, POR has the hair wrapping, tattoos, boat rentals, etc . . . plenty to do. You could rent the little boat and motor down to DTD yourself!! :laugh:


Well…it sounds like you already made up your mind but a relaxing day with just the girls at the Water Park sounds fun!!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :pinch:


hair wrapping? Nuts… I better get some more money to bring or get them hair cuts before I leave!! :laugh:


My DD did the Grand Adventures in Cooking during our trip 2 years ago. I believe she was 4. She really enjoyed it and it was cute although they didn’t really “cook” anything. They got to assemble a dirt dessert made from pudding and gummy worms. I just asked my DD and she told me that she made the pudding and put the gummy worms in.
The kids made chef hats with their names and mickey ears and an apron with their hand prints and the date. Then they watch a movie (DD says it was about cooking) and then they assemble the desserts. Once they are finished they have a parade into the GF lobby and hand out their desserts to guests. They do get to keep the hats and aprons as souveniers. It really was cute, but if you have older children the lack of actually cooking something may not be as fun for them.


My kids loved the Pirate Adventure and raved about it when they returned. If its something you want them to experience than they will not be dissappointed. Maybe next trip :pirate:


I agree with Nicatene1. Sounds great fun for littler ones but a 9 yo, I’m not so sure would be really into it. My DS would do the Adventrue Cruise at any age, so he thinks. He’s never been on it. I totally understand doing this little extra to make the vacation have a bit more to it. Although I also get that your at Disney, what more do you need. So it would totally be up to how you felt, $ & the experience you want. We have a wonderful vacation just hanging by the pool and going to parks and such. But I saw the Disney Splurge thing when you get a personal guide and they make it that much more special for you…one day I’ll be able to afford this and totally splruge for it.
So it’s all about the experience you want for them.