Pirate League


Has anyone heard if they are going to offer the 50%discount again for the Pirate League? I would love to do that for the boys, but can’t swing it at full price:ohmy:


What discount?!? Was it a PIN discount or what? We did this last year for the first time for our DS (5 at the time) & he LOVED it, but no discount…I justified paying full price since we’ve done BBB for our 2 girls all 3 years…


We used the discount in December, I think it was for passholders and maybe DVCers. It was 50% off. I have not heard anything about them doing it again.


The discount was offered in early winter for 50% off Pirate Leauge services for all travellers from Nov/Dec? to January.
I’ve been watching for any further deals as we are booked for DS in March. Discount or not, we are taking full advantage of the program…they’re only little once!! We’ll have two princesses and one pirate all made over on this trip.


A discount would be nice! I can’t wait to do this with DS5!!!


I really think discount or not, it is totally worth it!!


I totally agree!! My DS LOVED IT!! Unfortunately, it was one of the warmer days in Sept. (mid 80s) & so he got hot in full pirate costume & makeup pretty quickly. Still he didn’t complain one bit- just thought it was AWESOME!!


we’re doing the pirate adventure from the GF, so the only way I would do this is if they offered a discount…or maybe just do the cheaper package? The whole outfit thing looks so cute though


I really don’t think the cheaper package is worth it. If I were you, I would just go to Toon Town (or wherever they are doing regular face painting) and get your kids face painted there. Much cheaper.

The pirate adventure sounds great and I can’t wait until DS3 is 4!!