Pirate Merchandise


Does anyone know a good place to get POTC merchandise? Websites? Or should I just wait for my DW trip?:hook:


Walmart has some shirts


Plan a trip to WDW :biggrin:


Welcome me hartie. So it’s pirate sway ye be after ehhh?

Heck I don’t know, I was just having some fun w/you.


Don’t forget the Disney Store


Disneyshopping.com has some on there


I would definately try disneystore.com or disneyshopping.com

If you just need some pirate accesories to go along with, try Party City. They had lots of pirate goodies there last year.


Disney World has EVERY Pirates item you can imagine!!! :pirate:


Wait for your trip if you want unique stuff . . . it will also say WDW on it!! I know my Target has stuff. I’ve seen it at Walmart too. :pirate:


The Disney store has a really cool Jack Sparrow costume for kids. I wish mine were still small enough to wear it. They have other nice pirate attire as well.


Century Novelty is where we snagged a bunch of pre-trip pirate goodies such as hats, bandanas, hooks and jewels. The prices are excellent there.


eBay is also a good place to look. But WDW has so much Pirates merchandise at the gift shop at the end of the ride.


If you do a search on Google for “Pirates of the Caribbean Merchandise,” you will find a ton of sites, some with unusual items.


Aside from WDW having the best selection on the planet, I would try Disney Store. They have a lot of clothing, costumes and accessories.:pirate: