Pirate & Princess Party-MK Closing Time?


On 5/9 the WDW website states that MK will be open until 10pm with Spectro at 9pm and Wishes to follow at 10pm. We just found on wdwinfo.com that the PPP is scheduled on 5/9. Will the park close to guests who do not have tickets at an earlier time than stated on their website in order for the party to start? They do not mention the party at all on the WDW website.


I thought all the Pirate and Princess parties for 2009 were canceled. Was there just one added back?


I would double check somewhere else to see if they are really having that party. They were all recently cancelled, unless they have added them back… If it is not on the Disney site, then I would think that they are not having it…

Disney cannot afford to put out any information that is incorrect… thy would be swamped with angry guests…


Now I did search for it on the WDW website and nothing came up but then I went on found this Pirate & Princess Party at Walt Disney World and started to go into a little panic. We wanted to take advantage of MK being open late on the 9th but not have to buy a ticket to do so.

So I guess I am ok if it is not listed on teh WDW website then?!?


If you’re worried and don’t want to take a chance on your plans being ruined call WDW and ask if there are any parties scheduled.


I’ll probably do that just to be sure when it gets closer to our trip.



That link that you posted says 2008. I have also heard that these parties are not taking place in 2009.


They are definately not having them this year. At least as of last week when I called to check. Last year thankfully I was able to take my girls on their birthday…now it seems that it was an even more special gift than I could have imagined.


There are no parties guys. It’s definitely an error.


THey cancelled the p&p parties!