Pirate rooms @CBR


Does anyone know what buildings at Trinidad South have been completed into Pirate rooms?


If you call Disney Reservations, they might be able to tell you which building(s). I had asked where they were and they said they were in Trinidad South but they did not offer what building.

Be aware that Trinidad South is the farthest island from Olde Port Royale. There is an internal bus at the resort but you may be waiting longer than the walk. Aruba and Jamaica are the closest “standard room” islands, a short walk over the bridge. Martinique and Trinidad N. are “preferred” room due to being on either side of OPR.


I think all of Trinidad South rooms have been converted or will be my the end spring.There is suppose to be close to 400 Pirate rooms.We are staying here in April.Will post pics when we return.


I just saw pictures on Allears and I want to stay at CBR again. :pirate:


I just checked the WDW site and you can choose the pirate room with or without water view.
For the date I was checking it’s $219 without and $248 with.