Pirate Themed Restaurant...The Black Pearl (I wish)


You know what would be a really cool restaurant in Disney. A pirate themed place. If it had some real rough styling like Tortuga had in the movie. They could serve the food on metal plates with big metal mugs:pirate:. Or the place could be an excact replica of the Black Pearl, make it a two floor restaurant so you could actually eat on the main deck as well as in side the ship, all the waiters and waitresses could be dressed as pirates. That would be an awesome place to eat. Not sure what style of food they could serve through, any ideas? Also they could make a rastaurant and call it Sparrows.

Since I started thinking about this I had a ton of ideas and figured this would be a great place to start a thread seeing if anybody else thinks this could be interesting.


That is a great idea…maybe they could have a new “country” in Epcot and theme it around the Caribbean islands and the restaurant could be there.:pirate: …it could be a character meal as well.:happy:


Yes, a character meal geared more to boys…:pirate: (and pirate princesses :blush: :laugh: )
They could serve Fish sticks and Rum!:huh: :ohmy: :laugh:


Sounds great to me!!! I would eat there!!!:pirate: I think it would be wildly popular just by how popular the movies are.


Now that would be an awesome restaurant!! What fun that would be! My DD would be in her glory!


I would love that :pirate:


That would be awesome Matey!!


Glad to see the positive results. I agree, it would be a hit. I really like the idea of a themed country/island in Epcot


I think you need to go to Disneyland and eat at Blue Bayou :biggrin: LOTS of Pirate themed stuff, including Pirate ship desserts!! It actually overlooks the beginning of the ride, has Pirate menus, etc…


I never been to Disney Land, next time Im out on the west coast I will have to check it out.

Thanks for the heads up.


Yes, you should definately go to DL. But you are right, I like your idea, WDW should do some sort of Pirate themed restaurant in MK perhaps.


I think MK would be a great place as well, a themed area in Epcot would really cool but that would take some time.


I remember we once talked about how great it would be if Captain Jack’s (talk about a perfect name already) at the Marketplace was changed to a Jack Sparrow theme. It’s a restaurant people often ignore, just think of the people it would pull in with a remake.


ok so here is another idea- there is so much room in the wasted que time at POC- they could make it a restraunt in that wasted space instead?


Yeah, like Blue Bayou!!!

I heard on another forum that they were going to have Captain Jack Sparrow character dining at Cap’n Jack’s in DTD… I haven’t heard anything else about it, though. Think it’s just a rumor.


Got this from:

MiceAge.com - A different look at Disney…

Magic Kingdom

Adventureland Veranda restaurant to reopen as Tortuga. The long-dormant eatery will be re-opened with a pirate theme (hence the name Tortuga). Timeline unknown.

Adventureland make over to Pirates. One idea being considered is to transform all of Adventureland to Pirates, which could mean a new tiki room show (that would be universally welcome!) and the replacing of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse with a pirate ship play area. One report even calls for a new outdoor roller coaster.


i had heard the rumor about the veranda a while back. I think there is a thread about it in the rumor section if you wanna take a peak. I think it’d be so awesome!!


LOL!!! This is too funny… see? If all of us are thinking about this idea, somebody at WDW ought to be putting a plan into action – check out this link!



here is a rumor from another site. its the one i had read a long time ago.

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That was the theme of the Captain’s Galley at CBR. It didn’t work well and Shutter’s replaced it.