Pirates 18 Wheeler


Now the pictures may not be too clear (hard to keep even with a truck with that much traffic around), but look at what we saw on the way home from Michigan last week. My DS actually was the one who caught it. He said “Mom, I can’t believe you didn’t say anything about that truck.” My reply was “what truck?” DH and I passed right by it, and didn’t even notice. We slowed down a bit for him to catch up, and couldn’t believe our eyes!


Really nice!


That’s SO cool! My oldest dd looooves Johnny Depp. I must admit to a small love for smelly, grungy, greasy looking men in a pirates costume. :wub:


That’s awesome. I just showed Daniel cause he is in the auto body business & he said “WOAH, that’s some crazy expensive custom work.”


I feel like I have seen this truck before somewhere. Possibly that Trick My Truck show on CMT. Very cool though, thanks for sharing the pics.




Whoa!!! That’s too cool!


WOW! That truck is AMAZING!!!


I’d say that driver calls the truck “Black Pearl” ???


Verry cool looking truck


AtsTHAt’s so cool looking and YEAH that airbrush is NOT cheap


That’s awesome!


Here is an article. They did it as part of a contest.

Brinkers’ “Pirates” rig captures Truck-Lite trophy


My Dh was not too long ago a OTR trucker and trust me when I say their trucks are their castles on wheels!!! He had all the bells and whistles but never a paint job that sweet!!! Mind you if he did he’d have ended up with 2 kids and a wife who would have been riding the roads with him all the time!! LOL