Pirates 4 !?


According to Bruckheimer himself:

Pirates of the Caribbean 4
At a recent junket for his upcoming release Glory Road, Jerry Bruckheimer expressed his interest in continuing the Pirates franchise. If it were up to him he would continue doing more. As for the third film being titled “Unchartered Waters”, its pure rumour for now.

I guess it depends on how deep and creative the next two are, but I think three is typically a nice number to round out a really good set of movies. But who knows… with same cast and movie staff, maybe we could break the mold and set new standards with a whole series of high quality movies.


Hmmm, pirates are popluar right now but I guess we’ll have to see say in 4 years? I hope they don’t over do it.


When will we see #2 and 3?


This summer and next.


Keith Richards as Jack’s dad–that is going to be a riot!!


As of Sept 2005 that was not going to take place. Schedule conflicts prevented them from teaming up in the movies. I have not heard otherwise.


I am also on the we will have to wait and see train. If 2 and or 3 flop well then why do 4?
If 2 and 3 rock well then you had better do 4 before you regret it.


Aww…bummer–I keep seeing his name (Keith) in the trailers…darn!!


Wait… what? You see his name is in the trailer?

Btw… anyone who has not saw the trailer yet: http://www.totaleclips.com/Player/Bounce.aspx?eclipid=e25912&bitrateid=242&vendorid=600


Thaks bud, What a cool trailer. This looks better than the first.
“You can’t talk you’re way out of this one.”