Pirates and Pals Voyage


Has anyone done the Pirates and Pals Fireworks voyage listed on the Disney page? We are going to WDW from 1/9 to 1/16 and thought this might be fun. Do you know what the cost is? Was it worth the time and money? Thanks.


If it’s the one I’m thinking of we did it last December. We arrived at the Contemporary for snacks(pop, coffee,water,fruit, granola bars, chocolate coins) and were able to meet Captain Hook and Mr Smee. There was plenty of time for pictures and autographs. Then we were all divided into two boats Hook or Smee and we walked down to the doc. (they remind everyone often to use the restroom as there isn’t one on the boat).
We left the Doc and our Captain(a guy dressed as a pirate, Hook and Smee weren’t on board I don’t think) began telling stories and playing trivia games. He acknowledges special events (birthdays, anniversaries) and mades sure everyone got a prize (deck of cards, bandana, pirated hats, etc…)
Then we watched the electrical water pagent from the boat and the fireworks from the boat…COOL. On the way back to the resort he read the story Peter Pan, and when we arrived at the doc Peter Pan was waiting for us for a private meet and greet.(get in line right away:).
Overall we had a great time. The kids loved meeting Peter, and being so close to the electrical water pagent was really cool. Make sure when you leave the Resort you load up on snacks…they are great for the parks in the following days. I probably wouldn’t do it again, because there are so many things we haven’t done yet, but I’m glad I did it.
Make sure you eat dinner first (we did Chef Mickey’s) because you only get snacks with the package. Hope this answers some of your questions. :slight_smile:


I think it was around $35-45pp, but i’m not sure


That sounds pretty cool. Is this something you would recommend for people w/o children?


We went on the Pirates and Pals cruise in December and I would recommend it even for people without kiddos. Our captain was very funny. There was an adult level of humor that the kids didn’t get and was not offensive if they heard it (ie a Disney animated movie), and also kid humor. The fireworks were great! The music was piped into the boat and the view can’t be beat. Now one caveat: we were fortunate enough to get to see the holiday Wishes fireworks that were shot off at MVMCP! They were unbelievable!! I still think the regular Wishes would be worth it. I think our bill for two adults and two kids was around $150. Hope this helps.


Thanks, Callie. I am glad to hear that there is some humor for adults also. This sounds like something DW would really enjoy. I would surprise her with it, but since she is also on MB I don’t know if it would be much of a surprise!


Thank you, you told me exactly what I wanted to know! I think we will try it out.


yes as an adult I would have done it without kids ( although i really am a great big kid myself ) It was a lot of fun and If you decide to do it you’ll have to let me know if you liked it. I did read somewhere that the electrical water pagent was not guarenteed…still the fireworks were amazing


Do you know if there is a way of knowing before you make your decision to do it?


about the electrical water pagent? i guess you could call Disney reservations and ask if they are doing the water pagent that night. Maybe some nights they don’t do it? If your out on the water and they do the water pagent, I can’t imagine how you couldn’t see it


We did it this past November, and really enjoyed it, cost was approximately $55 a person, it is not something we’d do on an annual basis, and I would certainly recommend it for families/couples without kids alike. Our captain asked if anyone was celebrating a special event, we told him it was our 16th wedding anniversary, and he had us slow dance on the boat while he sang “Kiss The Girl” from Little Mermaid. A fun night, indeed.