Pirates and Princess party?


I was thinking about going to this in May with my DD Madison. I was wondering what is this and why is it special? I have never been and wanted to have some feedback and poss pictures so I can make a decision if I wanted to go. Thanks all!


This has been discussed here quite a few times. Here are a few links:

Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .
Disney’s Pirate and Princess Party
Disney’s New Pirate & Princess Party on Select Nights at Magic Kingdom

and here’s a link to my TR from when we went last year.


I hope this helps. Enjoy!


i Just went last week, and it was really fun-except for the weather-yuck. It started pouring right after the nighttime parade (different from everyday). They still finished the parade, and went on with the fireworks. We rode the TTA during the rain, and were able to see that WDW was trying to keep the party going with music blasting in tomorrowland. It was really fun, and not crowded-even before the rain. I would highly recommend it. You will see different characters, and more shows,and meet and greets. There is pirate loot as well! We had fun-even with the yucky (think monsoon) rain…


We had rain for one of the Pirate and Princess parties we attended too, but it was still a great time! The fireworks were actually quite special in the rain, with all the smoke and fog. It gave them a very dream like feel, which made it seem all the more appropriate.


Go, you’ll have a BALL . . . get the BBB hair, dress up and HAVE FUN!! There are P&PP in my TR (same one with the BBB) as well!!


I haven’t been to PPP but I have been to MNSSHP and it’s basically the same premise just a different theme. And I loved MNSSHP and would pay the big bucks for it if I had to. Basically the whole night is filled with thousands of extras (dance parties, character meet and greets etc.) and the lines for rides are almost non existent (we rode SM 4 times without getting off). I have heard PPP is awesome and the fireworks are the best ever done by Disney. We are just missing it by a few days which bums me out a lot but I would go if you have the opportunity!


Definitely go! I went twice last August and had a blast! It’s worth it for the no waits, the parade, and the fireworks. Heck the fireworks alone are worth the cost. That’s also when I got to meet Jack Sparrow. Plus they have lots of live entertainment and some of the characters get dressed up as Pirates (like goofy!). I’m super disappointed they’re not having it again this August. I’d go again in a heartbeat!


I am taking my daughters (and sons/DH), but its for my DDs birthdays (both in the same week). We start with a trip to the BBB Boutique in the Castle, Dinner in the Castle, then off to the PP&P ending with a carriage ride on their day as a Princess. I am also dressing up as Jasmine’s mom, ok my husband thought I was kidding, until I got his Pirate costume in the mail :laugh: now he really think I have flipped, but luckily he loves me enough to play along, just not enough to let me purchase a DVC membership…(yet…shhhhh)


Thanks all! I will have to check it out some more when Im not on by break from work. I think my DD with have a blast!


Just bought the tickets for May 16. First time for us at this party! Can’t wait!


We will be there on May 9th. I just made us both outfits to wear.


We’re going too! Got our tix for 5/31!!! Should be FUN!!!


We’re debating going on the 16th as well. My son Christopher and I went last year and had a great time, although it was POURING RAIN almost the whole night. Fireworks were delayed almost an hour, lots of the outdoor activities were cancelled, and many people left. We had a blast.
This time, it would be all 4 of us, and although we wouldn’t have to buy Patrick a ticket, it’s still more than we’d planned for this trip. DH hasn’t seen it, although he liked MVMCP in December.