Pirates and Princess Party


are they still doing it? What is it? What is involoved?


I don’t believe they are doing this party anymore! It was a lot of fun, kinda a lower key MNSSHP . . . 'cept with jewels and chocolate coins.


There are no current dates that I’ve seen. We went to the party a couple of years ago and loved it. The crowds were low so we walked on all the rides and got plenty of treasure and played all the games.


They didn’t run this last winter, nor did they run it last summer or this summer.
From what I’ve seen and heard, the Pirate and Princess Party has been mothballed with no plans to bring it out of storage. Especially with the Halloween party being run as early as the week before Labor Day.


boo :crying: I LOVED this party and was fortunate enough to not only go to the first one EVER but to to experience it 2 more times. The fireworks show was AMAZING and, at the very least I’d love to see that again…


I am crossing fingers they bring this back for Augsut. It was such a great time!


I wish they would bring it back. I never had the chance to go to one.