Pirates closed in june?


say it isnt so … i just read pirateswill be closed the week we are down there in june this is soooo bad … my DD is so excited to see the new one… did anyone hear this?


What are your dates? This is what it says on the WDW Website:

Pirates of the Caribbean:
Closed for Refurbishment [June 5, 2008 to June 18, 2008]

:eek: Sorry to confirm the bad news!

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I’m sure they will still have meet and greets with the pirates, she can do that!

And there is a last P&PP on the 4th . . . will you be there then?


Are they taking Jack out already?


June 6 to the 13th… why would they close it already they jsut did a major overhaul . im so not happy


Ya think? I was thinking they would be adding more of the other characters, like Elizabeth Swan, etc. I see SO MANY “girl pirates” walking around the park!


I saw this too! It will be closed our ENTIRE tript (Jun 10 - 17).

Did they “add” or “enhance” this ride special for the Pirate/Princess party? I thought maybe they were taking down decorations, etc since the PPP ends the week before. I think they close HM in DL after xmas to take down nightmare b4 xmas stuff?


No, no additions I saw anyway . . . they are either adding to it or just keeping up with the “dusting” :laugh: :laugh: They really let it go the last time! :laugh:

Sorry you won’t see it for your trip . . . BUT it makes a good excuse to book another trip! :happy:


not that i know of… my DD is down there now working college program she didnt say anything about it being diferent.


we are going in september if we can swing it for our anniversary so no biggie but DD will not be with us she will be back in college so this trip will be it for her for awhile. .


bummer . . . :closedeye

Well if she’s a Capt Jack fan, she can at least haver her photo taken with him!


If it’s only down for a week - it’s probably just what Mickeysgirlz said: keeping up with the dusting. There are some things that just take more time than an overnight cleaning crew can manage.


Yeah, they do it from time to time just to clean things up. Have you ever ridden Splash Mountain the next day after a Grad Nite? Bubble gum all over the place. Pathetic.


So sorry. Hopefully Capn Sparrow will be out and about.


Thank goodness we are going early this year. We will still be able to ride it before the closing.


This would be a hardship for us… but we could sooth our sadness with a few rides down Splash!


I’m so sorry that it will be closed for you. Now you just have extra time for a Dole Whip!


Oh, that would truly upset me if that happened to us. Though it’s not my favorite, our trip doesn’t start til we rode pirates.


That’s too short a time period to do anything more than some housecleaning. Too bad for those going during that period though.


OMG:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

Seriously, very sad moment for my family, we are HUGE Pirates fans!!!

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


sorry to hear that you will miss it. Maybe they are cleaning or changing the water.