Pirates ? for anyone in the know


We have a running debate on just how high the drop is on Pirates. :pirate:
I keep threatenenig to bring a flashlight to settle this argument but feel it would lesson other riders experience. My DD and DS feel its at LEAST 10 feet to the bottom. :eek: I’m guessing 2 feet. :dry:
LIL help???


Wow, as many times as i’ve been on it I have a hard time guesstimating. Hmm, in comparison to some of those small drops on Splash Mountain I am going to say between 8-12 feet.

It HAS to be somewhere on the internet!?!?!


I’d put it at 5’ feet. The flashlight idea isn’t bad if you can ride early in the morning in a near-empty boat.


Here is what I could find. :smile:

Attraction facts


* Grand Opening: March 18, 1967
* Grand Re-Opening: June 24, 2006
* Ride Capacity: 3400 guests per hour
* Audio-Animatronics: 123
      o 66 pirates
      o 57 animals and birds
* Total amount of water: 750,000 gallons
* Main lift pumps:
      o Pump number one is rated at a maximum of 20,000 gallons per minute
      o Pump Number Two is rated at a maximum of 18,000 gallons per minute
* First drop length: 52'
      o First drop angle: 21°
* Second drop length: 37'
      o Second drop angle: 21°
* Length of final lift back to Lafitte's Landing: 90'
      o Angle of final lift back to Lafitte's Landing: - 16 degrees
* Number of show buildings: 2
* Number of levels: 3
      o Blue Bayou
      o Upper caverns
      o Main show in basement
* Maximum ceiling height: 40'
* Show Length: 14:30
* Required Ticket: "E"
* Ride System: Flume ride

The Magic Kingdom

* Grand Opening: December 15, 1973
* Grand Re-Opening: July 7, 2006
* Audio-Animatronics: 125
      o 65 pirates & villagers
      o 60 animals and birds
* Total amount of water: 155,000 gallons
* Drop length: 52'
[B]* Drop height: 14'[/B]
* Drops: 1
* Show Length: 8:30
* Ride System: Flume ride


The height of the drop in WDW’s Pirates is 14 or 15 feet, depending on which source you want to believe.


Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed it was that high! I was thinking about 10’.


i can’t wait for this.:mickey:


Wow…thanks R2G!! I’ve always wanted to know the
Angle of final lift back to Lafitte’s Landing :wink: Once again above and beyond! Thank you :happy:


I did not know that your rear was that smart :tongue:


I find that hard to believe and anyways…I was just sayin’ :wink:


Wow, I didn’t realize the Disneyland ride was so much longer (I’ve never been)… Why is it shorter at WDW? Did they cut any good stuff out?


Wait…There’s a drop?!


R2G, you are so awesome to have found this! I have only been on Pirates at DL but that will all change come October! I have read there are differences, but it’s cool to see it here in your post!


Thanks for the details, R2G. Very thorough!

Did you know that…
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S the DL ride is more thrill ride?


I never noticed a drop, except that first one that makes a tiny little splash… wow, I must be clueless!


No…it’s just better :tongue: No really it’s the same style of ride…with a few differences and bigger drops…but not that much bigger.


That’s a big drop for something many people forget is even there!