Pirates hard ticket event/interesting


I don’t think I have seen this mentioned at DC yet. I found it very interesting.

From WDWmagic:
There are plans underway to introduce a new “Pirates and Princesses” hard ticket event at the Magic Kingdom. Based on a similar concept to “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party” and “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”, the new event would take place after regular parks hours, and would require a separate ticket for entry. As part of the evening events would be a Pirates and Princesses parade. Whilst this concept is strongly tipped to come to reality around January 2007, please remember that this information is not officially confirmed, and as always is subject to change.


Sounds like another added treat for kids and it is great to see that it has Pirates too for the guys. After park hours, especially at MK, can be hard on little ones though. Anything new at DW is always a welcome site!! Thanks for the post.


Now that sounds like total fun. I hope they do this. Thanks for the info buzz!


Neat! I’m always game to part with more of my hard-earned cash to spend a few more hours at the park…especially if there’s a cool parade!! :wink:


Always happy for something new! :mickey:


Now I would pay to see something like that! I hope they do it! Thanks for the info.


thanks for the info buzz and interesting.:mickey:


Oh, that sounds like fun! I’d consider that.


cool but also, argh. I wish they would just do Princess AND Prince…why do the little boys have to like something scary? My wimp of a (almost) 3 year old nephew loves the Disney Princes characters but they are never on or in anything.


Well that sounds pretty cool actually. It kinda reminds me of the “Kingdom Keepers” book with the pirates running around the MK. I’d love to see this happen… I wonder how it will be scheduled? Year round, once a month, etc?


Wow! That sounds VERY cool! Thanks for the headsup, Buzz!