Pirates "Monopoly"


Forgot to mention that the World of Disney has an incredibly cool new Pirates Of The Caribbean Monopoly game!!! It is an entire Dead Man’s Chest themed version, and it is really awesome. I bet they have the game elsewhere as well… guess what we will have under the tree this Christmas? :pirate:


They also have a new Pirates Life game; I saw it at Target last night.


I saw that when I was in California, very cool!


I just heard a horrible rumor that Monopoly is going to debit card status.

No more paper money, just the card.

In the new British version of Monopoly Here & Now, players type amounts into a palm-sized scanner and swipe their debit cards to seal the deal.

Not too thrilled with that concept…


Would you be using REAL money?


i will see that game next month in disneyworld.:mickey:



Now, how the heck am I supposed to slip myself a few extra $100s when I’m the banker?!?!:angry:


Awesome! What a cool way to keep up with the times. (The debit card thing, I mean.)


Never played Monopoly with real money.

Never had that much disposable income…


Oh, I would LOVE to play with you… :ohmy:


I can’t wait until Christmas… :whistling

Heh, I did that once. :laugh:


Cheaters never prosper…

…except at Monopoly.