Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


We taking the kids this morning to see “Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. I hope the lines aren’t too long.:pirate::pirate:

Anyone else seen it yet?


We’re taking our kids this afternoon. I’m so excited! I think this one looks like it will be the best one!


We are going to see it today… I’m so excited!:happy::laugh:


Morning ladies…please check back in and give your review; I’ll do the same. Enjoy the movie!


We’re going today, too. I love Ian McShane! Al Swearengen on the high seas! lol


My DD went to see it on Wednesday, she reckons its one of the best. So good in fact that her and DH are going Tuesday eve to see it again. Love to know what others have to say about it.


Due to work and a conflict w/ the IMAX/3D show times I’m taking DD next Saturday. We’re making a day of it. She chose Red Robin, shopping, and POTC4 can’t beat that! I hope it’s as good as it looks. :pirate:


I am anxious to hear the reviews. A friend of mine say it and said it was the best POTC made to date. I will wait for it to come on demand to watch…I hate the theaters.


Can’t wait to hear the reviews, I am hoping to get to see it during the week or next weekend…I heard that you must stay for the ending credits as there is another little tid bit or something…
please report back!!!


We all enjoyed the movie, it was really good. I love me some Capt’n Jack. :pirate:

Make sure to stay through the ending credits.


All either sick or not feeling well in the household here so no movie today maybe a couple of weeks out for me to see it…:frowning:


:ohmy: feel better!!!


It was excellent! We all loved it!


awesome, thanks for the review


Just got back from seeing it - and we loved it. And don’t forget to stay through the closing credits for a little extra teaser…we always do and this one’s great. Highly recommended!


I took my 2 kids yesterday, DD15 and DS7, rarely can we do family movies together unless they are Disney. This was an excellent movie! We all loved it. My son is already today repeating some of the lines from it!


we went to the midnite showing ,theater messed up put us in a non 3dtheater,and after the movie gave us free passes to come again and seeit…yeah…what is amazing is even though it did about 90mil here in the states it did 256 mil around the world,this might be a lesson in how this global economy works


I love those! Thanks for the heads up!


Tried to go see it on opening night…we had shopping to do and ate…then made the mistake of thinking we could just walk up and get in to see it…all shows were sold out until 3pm Saturday…CRAZY!!! So we plan to go this Friday as soon as the kids get out of school AND I’ll be sure to have tickets purchased early this week sometime!!!