Pirates of the carribean two movie


please some one let me know how good it was when they go see the preview of it.

I saw the clips from the narnia movie and it looked like it will be worth seeing.


I saw an amazing trailer for it the other day, I think it was in the pictures wen I went to see Scary Movie 4. it looked absolutly amazing! Should be a great film when it comes out!


Can’t go wrong with Johnny Depp… hahahaha…


We’re going to see The Wild tonight… Hopefully we’ll see the preview…


I think it will be good. Can’t wait to see it.


Amen sister…sing it to the choir! I :heart: Johnny!!! Can’t wait for this movie.


I have my money on it!


I saw on an online trailer that looked amazing. I can’t wait for this movie. Johnny Depp is amazing as Captin Jack!!!


any one know or hear when this movie is suposed to be out.

My god i want to see it.

I eneded up watching the ist movie on dvd the other day


The movie comes out July 7th. I have a countdown for it in my signature.
Can’t Wait!!!


oh thank u thank u finally someone knows when it will be out great i will go write it down on my calendar



Me and a bunch of friends are planning on watching the Midnight Movie on July 6th, wish us good luck on getting tickets! This movie is a sure hit, It’s one of the most anticipated movies of the Summer. Anyone who saw the 1st will see the 2nd.


I can’t wait…

A funny story… Some of us at work were talking about the 1st one and how excited we were for the next one. Well, my boss said he had never seen it. When we wanted to know why, he went into this whole long story about how he has a Johnny Depp phobia. He said he CAN’T see ANYTHING with him in it. How FREAKY is that? :laugh:


He’s really missing out. Dear God. That man is beautiful. Even if your boss isn’t the type to have a man crush, he has to appreciate his extreme acting skills, right?

So, he’s never seen Scissorhands???

Even Secret Window, where he played this creeepy psycho guy - HOT! YUM! :wub:


I think he said Scissorhands was the one that freaked him out on Depp forever… :laugh:


Well, it was sort of a freaky movie…

But, omg. Johnny. :wub: