Pirates & Princess Party - Still Cancelled?


I was wondering if the P&PP is still off for May?? We are not planning on going but if there is a party going on, I want to be sure I know when it is happening so as not to plan on going to MK that night.


It seems that it still is. I am sure we would hear from at least Rowdy if it was back on.


[QUOTE=hiner;954054]I was wondering if the P&PP is still off for May?? [\QUOTE]

Unfortunately, they’re still gone and won’t be back this year for now. Right now the only thing we’re prepping for entertainment wise is version 2 of CDCT.


I am out of the loop, what is CDCT?


CDCT Is the new Celebrate a Dream Come True parade :happy:


Thanks Rowdy and see you soon!!!


I realize you can’t just make “parties” overnight, but with the crowds disney been having, I would have thought they would had brought them back. Unless they figure people may have been willing to get the 4 + 3 deal, but they won’t pay the extra bucks for a few extra hours.


I was hoping that they would bring them back this year. My mom just returned home from the travel agent with a 2009 WDW book. On page 6 on the calender of events is the P & P Party for select dates February thru June. Wonder what is up with that–I got all excited for a moment there!!:laugh: