Pirates & Princess party


We are planning to go to this in January. Probably will end up going the first night. Is anyone else planning on going?


We have our tickets!!! WooHoo!!! We are going Feb 8th


We are planning to go on the first night too! Just dd and me cause it is to late for ds maybe what do you guys think he will be almost 3 then?


Man, I’m already pumped for this event and what all is going to happen during each night! Wish I could tell ya’ll LOL :wink:


ARRGGGHHH! Rowdy is up to dishing out his drug of suspense again! I’m already addicted!


Rowdy that might have just pushed me over the line for this one. I think we will definitely have to go! Not that there was ever any question that we were going! :laugh:


Hey that’s not fair Rowdy, Can you tell me if my almost three year old son will like it at least? I am so excited to go to it!


We are planning on going. Haven’t bought tickets yet, but hope to in near future.


If he’s a pirate fan he’ll be ALL OVER IT. :laugh:


what is the pirate and princess party? is it like mnsshp and mvmcp???


Yes it is a new party this year. The dates start in January and I think go all the way to March.


Maybe, if the tickets aren’t sold out!