Pirates Question..Am I Way Out of the Loop?


I should know this, but has PoC re-opened at WDW yet?? I’ve read on here, but Twist and Wish, among others, that it’s reopened at DLP. But according to Allearsnet, the WDW version was scheduled to reopen on July 1. Is this still the case? Has anyone ridden it? I’m pretty sure Boss didn’t get to ride, if I remember his TR, but he was there in June right??

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Somebody was just there recently and got to ride it. (I can’t remember who it was??) I’m not sure if it was a soft opening, or an actual opening, but at least we know they’re doing soft openings!

I think it’s open though.

Okay that’s my unhelpful rambling on it! :laugh:


It Open Officially on July 7th. :smile:


Thanks dznygirl and R2G. So who’s ridden it? Point me to the thread, or post here please. Pics would be nice too. :mickey: :pirate:


Here is a QuickTime Video of the changes. You need the latest version of Quicktime to see it. And it takes a bit for it to download.


I thought it already reopened in WDW too. Although, that was what one of the DL CMs told me which honestly they don’t seem too mutually interconnected so it could have just been speculation. If it ISN’T open yet it MUST be opening real soon b/c the movie’s out and the DL version is starting to take all the steam.


Yeah, if a DL CM tries to tell you anything about WDW don’t listen to them. They have no idea what they’re talking about. :laugh: And vice versa.


The additions look really cool. I’m confused abouth something though. Does the ride vehicle pass through the ghost face and go down the waterfall? That’s what it looks like from the video


Oh, I am NOT ruining anything but YES, it does!!! :ohmy: It’s an effect that has to be experienced to appreciate and understand!! It’s SO cool! :happy:


I can hardly wait to ride the new version next month! The video looks so cool. And now I am superpumped because I saw the movie last night!


PotC at DL is so cool I can’t wait to ride the WDW version.



oooooo I can’t wait to get on this, I saw the film today and Im sooooooo excited!


Don’t you feel like after riding their 14 minute far superior version in DL [Wish ducks behind her computer desk] that it is going to be harder to appreciate the new updated version in WDW? I do. :tongue:


After doing DL it makes me think they rushed a few details at MK. I’m glad that they aren’t exact replicas…both are special and have their own magic. But yeah DL PotC is the better ride (MK has a better pre-show but DL has better load-area and ride).


Like Wish said you have to experience it to understand it…you do go right thru a waterfall. Don’t worry you are dry by the exit :mickey:

You need to stop what you are doing right now and head for the nearest PotC ride…go go go right now!


Thanks, Wish and Tigger!!! I hope they’re doing the same thing at WDW. Though I may get shot, I agree that the PoTC ride at DL from what I’ve seen of both old and new versions is a better ride than the one at WDW (for one thing, it’s longer), but I hope they’ll correct that with the update


I don’t know if they will be able to correct much because the length difference have to do with the track (DL is longer and has more drops because they have to get you under the DL railroad tracks and out of the park…WDW is all contained in the park in a one building) and building size.

From what I can tell other then some added scenesand drops (due to track length) the rides have the same core scenes. Looking at the video from WDW and having ridden the DL PotC I would have to say that both have the same updates.


I can hardly wait. Unfortunately, I’m not close enough to a PoTC ride to run, run, run to it, but, hopefully we’ll be Florida natives before the summer’s over and then it won’t take us long!!!


You do know you have to find two people to leave before you can move down here?



Oh. Well, I’m sure Florida has enjoyed having you and Erin as citizens. Georgia is not too far away. We’ll help ya move.