Pirates rehab?


Has anyone seen any new information on the POC rehab?



I posted a thread on this last week. The latest I heard was PoC in DL will have a rehab, but not the one in WDW.


I’d like to hear more about the estimated time window for the DL’s PoC rehab. I haven’t heard anything about WDW though.


I know the one in DL is going to be closed for about 3 months, so they must be doing something.


Someone reported Captain Jack Sparrow will be added to the attraction.


I found this info searching last night. It was from WDWmagic, so I am assuming it is for POC in WDW.

Pirates of the Caribbean rehab

“Pirates of the Caribbean is set for some rehab work early this year. Whilst still not confirmed, it currently looks like Pirates will go down in March for some essential maintenance, will reopen for the busy Easter period in April, and will then close for some show rehab work in May and June. There is no information yet on what the show rehab will include, but there is the potential for some movie related items to be installed.”


The Disney site is still not saying anything. I will email them to see if there is something planned.


There have been many rumored rehab dates, some from March-June (same as Disneyland), others have PotC closed in March then reopening in April for Spring break then closing from May through July, and the most common dates are from May to September. I’ll try to find out more information and post it ASAP.


Some site (not sure which one) has the May-late 2006 rehab for the installation of the movie characters.


All I will say is the timing is excellent for the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel this summer.


The world premier for POTC II is supposed to happen at the DL park, most likely in New Orleans Square.

Since POTC comes out in July, we can expect that the premier may be as early as the later half of June. Also, the POTC ride updates and refurb should be done in early days of June.

Wish will be able to tell us all about it! {jealous of Wish’s late June trip…}


They responded there are no plans now for a WDW rehab.


Great, thanks.
I was worried about it being down for our trip. I couldn’t imagine a trip to WDW and missing out on Potc


On Mouse Planet the update from January 23rd says


Hey Pt, I saw that one, too and sent THEM and email asking how good their info is. No answer as yet. I’ll tell you what, if it’s closed - I’ll jump the rope and go in anyway…


One site said just Jack…another site said a bunch of new characters from the movie…well, I guess we will find out eventually…hope it comes out alright!


From what I’ve heard there will be several Jack Sparrow AA’s added, the Black Pearl will replace the current pirate ship, and the last scene will be totally redone featuring a Jack Sparrow AA. I would guess that the audio and lighting systems will also be redone. Only time will tell.


So I’ve seen on two websites (INTERCOT and WDWMAGIC) that PoC will be closed in June. But the official site doesn’t reflect that. And they responded to my email (the Mouse House) that there are no current plans for a rehab.

SO - will it be rehabbed or not? Does it make sense to close it prior to the new movie being released? Or is the thought to rehab it and reopen in time for the movie?


go to www.wdwmagic.com they have alot details about the poc ride.


The Orlando Sentinel is reporting it’ll be closed for 3-4 months this spring.